Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We hosted Thanksgiving this year and enjoyed a great day with Jim's family. Before we ate, we all walked to the pond and took some family pictures. It was a beautiful day.




Prepping the bird! Sarah watches from afar! Ha!

The boys spent at least an hour playing in the leaves one day.

Every year we donate food to the Thanksgiving Baskets at church. I divide the grocery list in half and let the boys each be responsible for their items, with my help of course. In hopes they can feel they are making a difference in helping the needy.

Monday, February 23, 2015

November Misc

Well, it's catch up time again on the blog. Why yes, we get to go back to we go!
Luke's teacher coordinated a movie day one Sunday to go see Big Hero 6 all together. She's a huge Disney fan so this was right up her alley.
Sarah volunteered to get the mail one afternoon and once she saw the American Girl catalog she stopped in her tracks, sat down and starting looking through the catalog! Oh she is so girlie! 

We met my friend Jackie and her little boy at the mall one day. Joey and Sarah are in the same class and love playing together.  
Fun at the play area.

These two love each other so much!

Warming up those toesies!

A little unexpected nap in the car.

They like to look alike so Luke put on Gabriel's glasses.



This sweet boy loves his cuddle time. He calls it his 'CT' - cuddle time! Love his tender heart!

Silly girls playing in the window at DSW.

The first snow dusting of the season- before Thanksgiving! Ugh!

They love finding ice to eat when it snows!

Sarah had to opportunity to take Ollie home from school. He got to go around with us and be a part of Sarah's day. She loved every minute of it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, it made for a very busy, fun-filled day. It started with Sarah's parade at school. The kids get to dress up in their costumes and parade around the courtyard with their class. 

Queen Elsa dressed and ready to go.

One of her teachers was also Elsa. 

And the other was Anna (although she looked more like Little Red Riding Hood if you ask me.) 

Sarah's class in the parade.

Class photo

A healthy snack for her class party. 

Her spider cookie.

Happy girl!


The boy's school always has the Dancing Through the Decades event in lieu of a Halloween party. The kids can dress up from any decade and they chose the '50's again. It's easy so I'm not complaining!

In between Sarah's parade and party, I got to go see Luke during his party. Dancing Through the Decades was complete with a DJ playing music from all the different decades while the kids danced all around. They also had a snack station with popcorn and cookies. 

His best buddy, Tyler and their teacher Ms. Lewis.

Class photo

Luke was busting some moves!

I wasn't able to make it to Jacob's event since Sarah's party was during the same time but a friend of mine sent this picture to me. 

As if all this daytime activity wasn't enough, we still had the evening ahead of us. We started off with a jack-o-lantern shaped pizza for dinner. 

Queen Elsa was ready to go!

Ron Washington was suited up and ready for some candy. 

And our little shark was showing us his swimming arms and was ready to "Trick-or-eat" as he said! Chomp Chomp!!

We went with our neighbors and both girls were Elsa and had so much fun. As a side note, it cracks me up that Sarah is only six weeks older than Jillian but is physically so much bigger.

My neighbor Lindsay.

We set a new record for the time we were out trick-or-treating this year. Two hours! And Sarah and Jillian were leading the way most of the night. Three pumpkins full to the brim of candy= WAY too much candy for this house!!

Our shark was in full character all night and was ready to chomp into his candy!

Then they had to sort all the candy into piles to see exactly just how much they got! Our dentist was collecting candy to send to the troops so we happily took SEVEN pounds of candy to their office. And that's after they kept a small bag here at the house of their favorites. The office paid them one dollar for every pound so they were happy to get some cash in exchange for parting with all that candy!