Monday, June 4, 2012

Jacob lately

These past few weeks have been so busy with year end activities for both Jacob and Luke. Here is a little of what Jacob's been up to.

A few weeks ago, Jacob lost his other top front tooth. We were on our way to Austin and we stopped for dinner at Schlotzskys. His tooth was barely hanging on so I told him to try to get it out before he started to eat dinner. He reached right in, pulled a few times and out it came. I was so hoping he would have the two top teeth gone at the same time. Such a sweet look. But it hasn't lasted long. One of the teeth is making it's way down and doesn't have much further to go.

At the year end award assembly, Jacob received an award from his music teacher, Mrs. Tucker. She said he always participated in music class and put forth a lot of effort. She said this award was very well deserved. Yea Jacob!

So proud of our little guy!
The Friday before school was out was Field Day for the kids. The kids enjoyed all the different stations they had set up for each grade. Jacob's class was teamed up with another Kinder class and they raced against each other. At the end of the day, Jacob's class has a few more wins than the other class. And you know at this age, it's all about winning! :)

His best buddy, Brett.

 Most of the games involved water to keep the kids cool. 

Brett, Jacob and JT- best buddies!

After Field Day was over, they had a family lunch where they actually grilled hamburgers and hot dogs outside on charcoal grills and also had fruit, chips and cookies. Luckily Jim was able to join in on the family fun. 

Jacob had been asking me to come up for lunch before school was out. I decided to go the Monday of the last week. It's always fun having lunch with my buddy even if they do eat at 10:40!! 

Our last Kindergarten lunch date!

We sit at the "family table" when I bring him lunch and they get to choose if they want a friend to sit with us. Usually Brett joins us for lunch but this time he chose his little friend Meredith. We had just gone to her birthday party the day before and he said he chose her since it had recently been her birthday. Sweet.

You know how I like my comparison pictures. Here is Jacob on the first day of school back in August of 2011. 
These pictures brought back a ton of emotions of my little guy starting school. 

First day of school- August 2011. 

Last day of school- May 2012

Is it me or does he look taller and thinner compared to the first day?  Heart. aching.
I have to say, I was unexpectedly extremely emotional Jacob's last week of school. I think it was a number of things. For starters, how can it be that my baby boy is done with Kindergarten and now officially a first grader?? There is just something really special about your first child starting Kindergarten. I really can't seem to grasp just how fast this school year went by. Jacob's class was unbelievably great! The kids were awesome, the parents were amazing and Mrs. Naber was the best teacher we could have hoped for.  I had the opportunity to volunteer in his class room on Thursdays and had a chance to work with and get to know the other kids in his class. And of course having a chance to chat with Mrs. Naber was always great. Prosper is opening a fourth elementary school in the fall and Mrs. Naber will be moving to the new school so  I think part of my sadness is knowing we won't see her up at school and Luke and Sarah won't have the chance to have her either.

I just can't say enough about how great Jacob's first year was. We were blessed with such a great experience. Mrs. Naber created such a fun learning environment for them and Jacob truly had fun at school. He made some great friends that made it even more fun for him. Part of me feels sad that this first year is over and moving forward will be more "real" and serious. With homework, spelling tests, real grades etc. I'm sure he will be ready for that when the time comes but this year sure was a good one. Praying for another great teacher and another great year!

The last day of school was their end of year party. A pirate themed party complete with water games, bounce houses and a snow cone truck.
They are always so accommodating to the siblings. Luke and Sarah got to enjoy a snow cone too. 

Jacob huddled up with his buddies!

I'm so glad they asked the kids to wear their swimsuits. 

Bunny ears are a popular pose with this age!

Oh Mrs. Naber how we will miss you!
I always enjoy seeing the answers the kids provide to these questions. The question, "What do you want to tell next year's Kindergartners?" Jacob's answer, "We learn to read a big level book." (*Warning- proud mommy post here!*) Now that you've been warned, I have to brag on Jacob. Jacob has excelled far more than I could have ever imagined in reading. Mrs. Naber did an awesome job teaching them so many great reading skills. The reading groups and weekly book baggies were so successful for these kids. Mrs. Naber said that they expect all kids to enter first grade on a "4" reading level. According to this particular Rigby reading level scale they use. Jacob finished the year on a level "20". He's reading on a second/third grade level. The last few books Mrs. Naber sent home were chapter books instead of picture books. Moving to chapter books seems to be a big deal to the kids! I bought him several chapter books for the summer and we have made time so far each day to continue reading. We are so proud of him and hope to continue to provide a positive reading environment for him so his reading skills will continue to grow!

I saw an idea on Pinterest to have each teacher from Kindergarten and on sign the Dr. Seuss book Oh, The Places You'll Go. Such a sweet idea for the kids. Here is what she had to say...

Another thanks to Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to make a "Welcome to Summer" banner on Jacob's last day of school. Since we are going to the beach in a few short weeks, I decided to make little buckets full of summer fun items. A new beach towel, bubbles, balls, a few sugary treats, water/sand toys, goggles and of course a few books and an activity workbook. They loved it!

The last week of school, Jacob started swimming lessons in the evening and continued the next week during the day. He was swimming pretty well last summer but seemed to have forgotten it all when this year rolled around. After the two weeks with Ms. Julianne he is doing great. The last day he swam from one end to the other (the shorter length of the pool) and we were thrilled. 

I swam with Luke and Sarah while Jacob worked with Ms. Julianne. Here is Sarah striking a pose.  She insists on wearing her towel over her shoulders! 

One day we packed lunch and enjoyed it by the pool. I have a feeling we will be at the pool all the time this summer. Jacob is loving it!
Jacob also wrapped up his baseball season. He had a great season and he loves playing baseball! I think he has found his sport! His coach had to nominate two players from the team for the upcoming All-Stars game and he choose Jacob as one of them. Sadly, we will be out of the town the weekend of the game but feel happy for Jacob that he got recognized!

End of year party, receiving his trophy from Coach Jim! :)

Summer sure has taken on a different feel now that Jacob has started school. I'm thrilled to have all three of my babies with me every day for the next three months! I'm looking forward to spending summer together and I'm excited for the things we have planned! Wishing you all a fun, happy and safe summer!