Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our birthday boy!

Four years ago today, God gave us one of our biggest blessings! Luke James Webb entered this world at 9:07 a.m. and our lives have forever been changed! With each passing day, our sweet Luke becomes more unique and special in so many ways. It has been a true joy being his mother and watching him change so much over the last four years. This last year he has blossomed in many ways, more than we could have imagined. We are so so thankful for our sweet, lovable, unique, thoughtful, sensitive, playful, happy-go-lucky Lukie!

We celebrated this year at Build-A-Bear Workshop at Stonebriar mall. Many of his cousins and friends from his class came to join in on the fun. 

I love my Lukie cuddles!

Each child gets a turn to write their name on the yellow bear that  Luke got to take home as a memory from his party. 

Jacob was excited that he was the oldest one at the party! 

Each child had a choice of a brown dog or a brown bear. They all chose the brown dog.  Except Luke. I told Luke since he was the birthday boy, he could choose any animal he wanted. Without any hesitation, he went straight for the monkey. 

In line ready to head over to the stuffing machine. 

Precious boy!

Luke got to help stuff his monkey.

Isn't he cute?

Miss Sarah was in heaven getting her hands on all  those stuffed animals. 

We had the privilege of having my Grandpa with us. He came into town with my parents to give him a change of scenery for the weekend. He's always a pleasure to be around. And Sarah thought it would be fun to hand him all these animals that she was picking up. I asked him what he thought of the place and he said, "I live in a totally different world than this." He probably can't even remember the last time he was in a shopping mall, much less a store where you make your own stuffed animal. He was a good sport though! 

Say cheese!

We then headed upstairs to the food court where we continued the celebration with cake. 

Cookie cake from Paradise Bakery for the adults. And boy was it good! 

And Scooby Doo chocolate cake for the kiddos. 

Singing Happy Birthday!

Make a wish!
Luke got to celebrate his birthday today at school as well. When I asked his teachers what they recommended for a birthday snack they said the kids love donuts. So, donuts it was! What 4 year old doesn't love donuts, right!

Once Daddy got home tonight, we celebrated by eating Chick-fil-a for dinner (his choice) and gave him our gifts.
So excited about his Scooby undies. 

A new Wii game- Mario Kart.

He loves his Scooby toys!

He got a big boy bike.

Happy birthday to my favorite 4 year old! You mean the world to me and I feel honored to be your mother! Love you precious boy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A first visit to the dentist

I took the boys to the dentist today for a routine cleaning. It was Luke's official first cleaning. He had been to their old dentist once before but they just looked in his mouth and didn't clean because he wanted no part of that process. Now that he is almost four I felt that it was time. And let me say, he did GREAT! He was so brave and didn't act scared one bit. He did everything he was supposed to do and even had x-rays taken.

We went to a pediatric dentist in Prosper for the first time and had a great experience. They even had little flat screen TV's mounted on the ceiling so the kids have something to watch as they lay there. Luke chose Toy Story and Jacob chose Cars.

Since it was Luke's first cleaning, the dentist himself cleaned Luke's teeth.Dr. John  was the one that actually asked me if I wanted to take pictures of Luke's first dentist visit. Way to go Doc!

Jacob also had a cleaning. Both were cavity free. While the dentist said Luke has textbook teeth and everything looks great, Jacob on the other hand apparently has an extra tooth. While the dentist was reading his xrays, I saw him lean in to get a closer look. He looked for a minute and then asked me if any one in our family has or had extra teeth. What? Uh, not that I know of. He said about 20% of kids have extra teeth. He will definitely have to get it pulled later once it makes it's way down. And he said Jacob will most likely have to have braces because of the way his teeth are spaced. Our other dentist in Lewisville told us the same thing. Poor guy! His top two teeth are loose and after seeing on the xrays where his permanent teeth are located, Dr. John said he will probably lose them within four weeks or so. That should be fun!

Waiting patiently

Showing off his pearly whites!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jacob lately

Jacob has been a busy boy lately. He started playing basketball for the first time this winter. He has loved every minute of it and puts his little heart in to each and every game and practice.
Since the number six wasn't available, he chose number 5 for his jersey. Go Golden Eagles!

The first game Jacob got to shoot two free throws and he made one of them. He was so excited. 

Although these boys seem so big out there playing basketball, they look so little to me in this picture. (sorry for the poor photo quality- iphone pic)

Sarah sat down for a brief moment and clapped for the team. And when I say 'brief moment', I mean BRIEF moment. I honestly don't know that I've seen such a busy little girl. She can't sit still, there is just too much to see, too much to climb on and too much wide open space to run around in. Jim and I take turns walking running with her in the back because we all know climbing on the bleachers can never be a good thing! Oh Miss Sarah!

On another note, Jacob recently received an award at school. Apparently, every nine weeks they have these award ceremonies where certain students are recognized. He got an award for Most Helpful. Upon calling Jacob up to receive his award, Mrs. Naber described Jacob as "responsible, a good example to others and very helpful in the classroom."   
Jacob walking across the stage to receive his award. 

So proud of our sweet Kindergartener.

I was recently in Jacob's classroom and noticed the bulletin board had been updated. The question was, "What do you want to learn in 2012?" Jacob's response, "how to tell time". Love it! His teacher and I were talking about how different and great all the responses were. She liked Jacob's response but said unfortunately they won't learn how to tell time in Kindergarten. Guess I know what to be working on at home! :)

We are so proud of you Jacob and all that you have accomplished so far in Kindergarten. You have surpassed so many of our expectations in your first year of school. You are an amazing young boy and I look forward to watching you continue to thrive in school and sports.  We love you sweet boy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A special weekend

In early December we had a special weekend with my high school BFF's, Dana, Lauri and Amanda and their families. We had a grand weekend filled with laughter, long talks, shared memories, good food, and of course a little chaos. After all there were 9 kids under the age of 6. Just look at this sweet bunch. The oldest is Jacob at 6 and the youngest is Andrew at 6 months. Love these sweet kiddos!

We decided to do a book exchange with the kids this year instead of toys.

We did manage to escape and get a few pictures just of us. Love, love, love these girlies. We are going on 20+ years of our amazing friendships.