Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jacob lately

Jacob has been a busy boy lately. He started playing basketball for the first time this winter. He has loved every minute of it and puts his little heart in to each and every game and practice.
Since the number six wasn't available, he chose number 5 for his jersey. Go Golden Eagles!

The first game Jacob got to shoot two free throws and he made one of them. He was so excited. 

Although these boys seem so big out there playing basketball, they look so little to me in this picture. (sorry for the poor photo quality- iphone pic)

Sarah sat down for a brief moment and clapped for the team. And when I say 'brief moment', I mean BRIEF moment. I honestly don't know that I've seen such a busy little girl. She can't sit still, there is just too much to see, too much to climb on and too much wide open space to run around in. Jim and I take turns walking running with her in the back because we all know climbing on the bleachers can never be a good thing! Oh Miss Sarah!

On another note, Jacob recently received an award at school. Apparently, every nine weeks they have these award ceremonies where certain students are recognized. He got an award for Most Helpful. Upon calling Jacob up to receive his award, Mrs. Naber described Jacob as "responsible, a good example to others and very helpful in the classroom."   
Jacob walking across the stage to receive his award. 

So proud of our sweet Kindergartener.

I was recently in Jacob's classroom and noticed the bulletin board had been updated. The question was, "What do you want to learn in 2012?" Jacob's response, "how to tell time". Love it! His teacher and I were talking about how different and great all the responses were. She liked Jacob's response but said unfortunately they won't learn how to tell time in Kindergarten. Guess I know what to be working on at home! :)

We are so proud of you Jacob and all that you have accomplished so far in Kindergarten. You have surpassed so many of our expectations in your first year of school. You are an amazing young boy and I look forward to watching you continue to thrive in school and sports.  We love you sweet boy!


  1. Oh sweet Jacob! He is doing so great in basketball and I'm so proud of him for his school award. Keep up the good work punkin bear!

  2. I love this update on our sweet Jacob!! When I read about his "Most Helpful" award, I thought to myself, that is the perfect description of Jacob! Awesome! I'm glad his new year is off to such a great start. Basketball looks like so much fun for him, too. I am so proud of you for keeping him enrolled in sports like you do. I feel so bad for not signing Connor up for stuff lately. I need to do better in that area!

  3. Yea for Jacob. I am not at all surprised about his success. I knew he'd be a superstar at school. It's fun to see him so serious about sports. I know you guys must really enjoy watching him!