Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A first visit to the dentist

I took the boys to the dentist today for a routine cleaning. It was Luke's official first cleaning. He had been to their old dentist once before but they just looked in his mouth and didn't clean because he wanted no part of that process. Now that he is almost four I felt that it was time. And let me say, he did GREAT! He was so brave and didn't act scared one bit. He did everything he was supposed to do and even had x-rays taken.

We went to a pediatric dentist in Prosper for the first time and had a great experience. They even had little flat screen TV's mounted on the ceiling so the kids have something to watch as they lay there. Luke chose Toy Story and Jacob chose Cars.

Since it was Luke's first cleaning, the dentist himself cleaned Luke's teeth.Dr. John  was the one that actually asked me if I wanted to take pictures of Luke's first dentist visit. Way to go Doc!

Jacob also had a cleaning. Both were cavity free. While the dentist said Luke has textbook teeth and everything looks great, Jacob on the other hand apparently has an extra tooth. While the dentist was reading his xrays, I saw him lean in to get a closer look. He looked for a minute and then asked me if any one in our family has or had extra teeth. What? Uh, not that I know of. He said about 20% of kids have extra teeth. He will definitely have to get it pulled later once it makes it's way down. And he said Jacob will most likely have to have braces because of the way his teeth are spaced. Our other dentist in Lewisville told us the same thing. Poor guy! His top two teeth are loose and after seeing on the xrays where his permanent teeth are located, Dr. John said he will probably lose them within four weeks or so. That should be fun!

Waiting patiently

Showing off his pearly whites!


  1. Awesome job Luke!! Sounds like a great experience and that dentist is definitely a keeper. It just makes it so much easier when they cater to kids like that! And the extra tooth...who knew?! So funny! Sounds like Jacob's signature smile will be looking a lot different very soon! So glad you had a successful visit and that you found a great will be using him a LOT in your future! :-)

  2. Luke did so well!! And, sounds like the tooth fairy will have to visit soon! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  3. Good job Lukie! So nice to have the first official visit behind you! Sarah's hair is getting so long and looks so sweet in her little bow. Hopefully you have some more time before Jacob has to get teeth pulled. Poor little guy.

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great experience at the new dentist - yay! Interesting about Jacob and his extra tooth - I didn't know that could happen!

  5. Way to go Apples! So proud of you. Hey Chiba, what's up with the extra tooth. You might need it some day. Asuch as you eat you might wear the other one out. ;-))

  6. Good bill of health for both of them is good. As for the extra tooth, hopefully it grows the right way in order to avoid discomfort and misalignment of other teeth in the future. But it looks like Doc has it all under control.

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