Saturday, March 22, 2014

Disneyland, Part 3

Day 3, Tuesday, our last day.

We had a short walk to the bus pick-up location each day. (our hotel was the one in the background on the right)

Sarah and I headed straight for the tea cups while the boys rode something else. 

Then they joined us the second time around. 

One of the highlights of the day was taking Sarah to see the princesses. She was in heaven! I got a little camera happy with this one! 
Talking to Sleeping Beauty

They all pointed out the princesses on her shirt.

So sweet! At one point instead of giving Sleeping Beauty a hug, Sarah leaned in to kiss her on her cheek. Sleeping Beauty quickly pulled back and said how about a hug. Sarah happily took a hug. Could you imagine getting kisses all day long from little kids. Sweet girl!

Ariel didn't engage too much so Sarah quickly moved on. 


One of Sarah's favorites is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. When we left the princess house, Belle happened to be making an appearance outside but her line was closed. Sarah got to wave from a distance but she will still bring up the fact that she didn't get to see Belle when we were there! Ha!  Next time, Sarah, next time!

Toon Town has been closed the other times we've been to Disney World so this part was all new to us. 

We happened to be walking by when Goofy came out for his appearance. They were able to walk right up. Sweet!

Goofy, signing their autograph books.

Goofy's whiskers make me laugh.
Sarah's in the driver's seat.  :)

The line to go see Mickey was in his "house". You walked through every room in his house and then got to see him. In his living room.  

Sitting on Pluto's bed. 

Watching a little video before we went in. 

Would you believe this is the Space Mountain ride again. The original picture of Jacob holding on to my arm. What a complete difference in Jacob's expression! Love it!

We headed back over to Adventureland to ride a few more of our favorites. 

As the evening went on, the kids starting getting the tired sillies. And boy were they silly!

We let them pick out a sweet treat as a special treat for our last night! 

We decided since it was our last night that we would stay up for the Fantasmic show and the firework display. We had never done this before so it was a treat for us all. The kids enjoyed it. However during the fireworks at the castle, Sarah fell asleep on my shoulder and Luke fell asleep in the stroller. Might have to wait for this again when they are a bit older. :)

Mickey is in that cloud of smoke. 

Back at DFW, home sweet home!

This was just about the perfect trip for our family. If you are looking for a fun place to go with young kiddos, this is it. San Diego was such fun with so much to do. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery. And the fact that Disneyland is so close to San Diego and we were able to add that on made it the perfect trip for us.  The kids were such troopers. We were all safe and healthy, things I never take for granted on trips like these. So thankful for the week with my precious family, thankful for all the time we got to spend together, thankful for the opportunity to go on this trip, thankful for being able to expose our kids to another part of our great country and so very thankful for the wonderful memories we made along the way!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Disneyland, Part 2

Day 2. We headed back to Cars Land to get a Fast Pass for the Cars ride since it was full the day before. We got there 30 minutes after the park opened and our Fast Pass time was for 2:30 pm. Such a popular ride. 

This was in our hotel lobby.

The Toy Story ride, another popular one.

On the Toy Story ride. It was fun that Sarah was a bit older than last time and really was able to enjoy the rides.  

Loved Monsters University!

Waiting in line for the MU ride, cute decorations along the way.

They loved when we ran into the characters!

Gotta love Jake!

Waiting for the Disney Jr show. Another favorite. 

They had added Sophia and Doc McStuffins since we saw it last. 

Sarah loved it!

I mean she was excited!

You see this roller coaster...that has two loops and massive hills...yes our cautious, oldest son rode this thing 13 times. That's right...13 times!! He loved it, to say the least!

Waiting in line once again. With the Fast Pass system the longest he ever waited was 10-15 minutes for this ride! So nice!

In line for the Buzz Lightyear ride. Another favorite.

The boys rode Space Mountain for the first time. It's an indoor roller coaster that is completely dark. All you see are the "stars". Pitch black and super fast! Jacob was a nervous wreck and Luke loved it!

This was the picture that snapped while on the ride (I just took a picture of the screen where it was displayed with the flash on obviously-ha) What makes me laugh about it was I had my arm up in their seat the entire ride and Jacob held on for dear life. Luke on the other hand was good to go! Sweet boy! We kept telling Jacob if he could do the one with two upside down loops and huge hills, he could do this one. I think b/c you couldn't anticipate what was coming next b/c you couldn't see was the scary part. However he did end up doing it again with Jim and enjoyed it much more!

Back over in Cars Land, Mater made his appearance!

This was the facade for the Cars ride. Straight from the movie. 

Finally our turn for the Cars ride!

Again, my picture of the screen of their picture! :) Super fun ride! Wish we could have done it again!

Some street entertainment that afternoon.