Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Coyotes

Jacob played his first baseball game this week. And boy was it cute! It has a very different feel from his little Tball games last year. It's like real baseball. Doesn't he look official?

They get three pitches from the coach and if they don't hit any of those balls, they bring the tee out and they get to hit it from there.

Jacob got to bat twice. The first time he had to hit from the tee. The second time he fouled two balls so he hit from the tee again.

Lookin' ready

They rotate each player through all the different positions and Jacob was the catcher during one of the innings. It was the cutest darn thing. He seriously looked so uncomfortable and moved as though he was in some type of body cast due to all the catcher gear he had to wear. He could barely see the balls as they rolled by. After the game I asked him what his favorite part of the game was. His response "Well, what I didn't like was playing catcher." Oh we got a good laugh. They definitely didn't have this position last year in tball. :)

Sweet Sarah stayed content in her stroller during the game. She was taking it all in. Which is a good sign with all the sporting events she will be going to in her lifetime in support of her brothers!! (Something worth noting...I did try to get Luke in the picture but he wanted no part! I did try Lukie, I did try!) :)

Here's to a fun season for the mighty Coyotes!

Friday, March 25, 2011

In position

Baby girl is finding herself in various positions that makes me think she will be crawling sooner rather than later.

She starts like this.

Then this.

Gotta get that leg out.

All fours!!

But not for long, she always ends up on her tummy. Which then leads to either her turning herself around in a circle on her tummy or scooting backwards on her tummy!

And when she does stay sitting, she LOVES playing with her feet!

Who needs toys when you have feet??

Or when you take a peek to see what's hiding under the rug.

Now that baby girl has 4 teeth, she thinks it's fun to bite and play with her spoon.

Got yogurt?

We've been enjoying the nice weather and playing outside in the afternoons. I thought it would be fun to get a picture of all three kiddos. They sure had fun in the process but no such luck getting one of them all 3 looking with their eyes open! Oy!

Now if only Lukie had his eyes open! So close!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Around here

We've not been up to too much new around here. Just chugging away with our routine and activities. In addition to soccer, Jacob has started practicing for baseball this week. The two seasons will overlap for about a month so we will just balance and juggle the games and practices as we can. Jacob has been LOVING soccer and he enjoyed playing Tball so much last year so we thought we would give him the opportunity to play both. I figure once Luke and Sarah are involved as well, we will have to limit one activity per child so we'll take advantage while we can now! We signed him up for coach pitch baseball. They get 3 throws from the coach and if they don't hit those balls they then bring out the tee and they can hit it from there. Sounds like the perfect combination to me! His first game is at the end of the month so stay tuned for pictures from the mighty Coyotes.

Luke has been LOVING his gymnastics class. Luckily no more bribing has been involved as he happily joins his class. He is loving his coach and gets so excited to see her. She's not the friendliest of coaches in my opinion but Luke has taken really well to her. He also is talking so much these days. He has started calling Jacob by name in place of Bubba. And he has been calling Sarah by name in place of Baby! His new favorite word is 'except'. It seems he starts every sentence with it. Sweet boy!

Sweet Sarah is doing great. At seven months she has 4 teeth. She just got the top front two and we are praying for a little break before she starts on the next set! Baby girl sure seems to feel the pain from all this teething, poor thing! She is sitting up so well and loves sitting and playing with her toys. She is eating like a champ. Some of her favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples, avocados, bananas, prunes, peaches and her newest food is baby yogurt. So far so good on the eating front.

Sarah loves being able to sit in the front of the shopping carts. She is one busy girl I must add. She loves discarding her toys over the side of the cart when she is done with them. Makes for a lot of up and down for mommy! But hey, as long as she isn't fussing, we are all happy!

Gotta love the double cart at Sam's. Although all she could focus on was getting Luke's DVD player in her hands.

Sweet girl!

Jacob got an ant farm for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. He has been loving watching them build their tunnels.

Sarah LOVES looking in the mirror. She gets the biggest smile when she sees her reflection.

Always gotta get a picture with Grandpa when I see him. Love him dearly! He was in a car accident back in January and is still recovering from his second hip replacement surgery. He is doing great though and continues to live life to it's fullest!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The countdown begins

Jim and I have been talking for awhile about what our family vacation should be for this year. After tossing around a few ideas, we were having a hard time coming up with something that was easy and fun to do with our kids being the ages they are. So, after much thought and careful planning, we decided on Disney World. We are going to go in April and also celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We thought this would be good timing...after Spring Break but before summer with what looks like will be pleasant temperatures.

We told the boys last night and they were thrilled. Luke's response "Do I get to meet Pluto?" He would want to meet the dog. :-) And Jacob's response "When are we going?" Which is why I made this little countdown hopefully give them a visual of how much longer. We all know waiting is not much fun, especially when you are 5 and 3. I can't wait to experience this with them and see it through their sweet eyes!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I can read

I can read.
by Jacob Webb

I have some exciting news to share...I am learning how to read. Recently, I have been very curious about what certain words spell, trying to sound out familiar sounds and I've even been able to recognize certain words. The last time I was at my Grandma's and Grandpa's I read a few "Dick and Jane" books with my Grandma. I was making such good progress that we brought these books home with us to practice.

A few days later my Mom remembered we had a storybook collection of "Dick and Jane" books. It has a total of 40 short stories and I am about half way through. These have been great first books to read and I have to say I have fun reading new stories every night.

The funny thing now is, instead of my mom reading to me before bed...I am reading to her! Here is a little clip of me reading...