Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Coyotes

Jacob played his first baseball game this week. And boy was it cute! It has a very different feel from his little Tball games last year. It's like real baseball. Doesn't he look official?

They get three pitches from the coach and if they don't hit any of those balls, they bring the tee out and they get to hit it from there.

Jacob got to bat twice. The first time he had to hit from the tee. The second time he fouled two balls so he hit from the tee again.

Lookin' ready

They rotate each player through all the different positions and Jacob was the catcher during one of the innings. It was the cutest darn thing. He seriously looked so uncomfortable and moved as though he was in some type of body cast due to all the catcher gear he had to wear. He could barely see the balls as they rolled by. After the game I asked him what his favorite part of the game was. His response "Well, what I didn't like was playing catcher." Oh we got a good laugh. They definitely didn't have this position last year in tball. :)

Sweet Sarah stayed content in her stroller during the game. She was taking it all in. Which is a good sign with all the sporting events she will be going to in her lifetime in support of her brothers!! (Something worth noting...I did try to get Luke in the picture but he wanted no part! I did try Lukie, I did try!) :)

Here's to a fun season for the mighty Coyotes!


  1. Oh, Katherine, Jacob is so cute in his baseball uniform that it almost make me cry! He looks so 'growny'! He did great! I know y'all will enjoy lots of fun times cheering him on! Sarah is a doll and I know even though we couldn't see Luke, he is too! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Jacob looks so darn cute in his baseball uniform and gear! I just love how official the game format is, and it's such a great way to get the kids introduced to the rules and positions of the sport. I can only imagine how much fun he's going to have all season long!! Especially with the spring weather! Go Coyotes!!

    And who wouldn't love the special cheering section that Jacob will have each game. Sarah is THE cutest lil' cheerleader ever, and Lukie will be Jacob's biggest fan for sure! What a great way to spend time together as a family in support of Prosper's newest baseball star!! :-)

    PS - I don't know if I am ready for our boys to be this big!! It's going too fast!!

  3. Looks like Jacob has been doing this for years! I've always thought being a catcher would be so uncomfortable. I don't blame Jacob for not liking it. Tell him he sure does look handsome in his little uniform.

    Love your comment to Lukie. Gotta make sure us middle children aren't left out. Haha!!!

  4. Oh, goodness! How sweet is this?! If we were there, we'd have to attend some games. Uncle Jerry would have the best time cheering Jacob on. =) Jacob does look so "official" in his little uniform (or "uni" as Jerry likes to call it). He also looks really tall! I'm with Lauri, Jacob has THE BEST cheering section of all with you guys there supporting him. Can't wait to hear more tales from the season. Go Coyotes!

  5. What fun pictures! Jacob looks so cute in his little uniform and I love his little baseball stance with his hands on his knees!! I'm glad he is enjoying it so much...and Sarah too! :)