Sunday, October 31, 2010

World Series, Baby!!

GO RANGERS!! We have been very excited about our beloved Rangers making it to the World Series. I think Jim is still in disbelief. He has followed and supported the Rangers all his life and it's a dream come true for him and his Dad. Jim has many memories watching and listening to the games on the radio with his Dad. So for Saturday's game we went over to his Dad and Lana's house for a little Rangers watching party. It was loads of fun. The menu consisted of nothing other than ballpark food. We started with Cracker Jacks, peanuts, popcorn and Cheetos. Then moved on to Hot Dogs and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Not the healthiest of choices but perfect for the night. They live in Arlington not far from the Ballpark so after the game ended we all ran outside to see if we could see the fireworks but all we saw was the remaining smoke. Jacob was not happy!

Who needs to spend thousands of dollars on game tickets when you can recreate it on your own? :)

The perfect sink for a bath for Sarah before we left.

Now let's channel some good thoughts for another win tonight! Go Rangers!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fun Visit

My friend Amanda and her little boy, Alex were in town last week for a little visit. Alex is now 15 months and is at such a fun age.

My friend Dana and her two boys, Jackson and Ryan were also with us. We had a great time all together and were able to do a few fun things. We went to a local pumpkin patch for some outdoor fun. And as you can see we had a time wrangling all 6 kids together for a picture. This was the best one I got. At least sweet Ryan and Sarah were cooperating and couldn't run off or turn their backs to us! haha!

I had to do everything I could to get Luke to sit in my lap with something other than a frown on his face! :)

Dana and her two sweet boys. Jackson is just 2 1/2 months younger than Luke and Ryan just 13 days younger than Sarah.

And just look at this happy girl!

She is oh so close to wanting to laugh!

Jerry was able to join us after work one day and we were brave and all went out to dinner at The Blue Goose. I still can't believe everyone, even the kiddos are all looking at the camera. Ryan and Sarah were at the end near Laine. Thanks for the pic Dana!

As crazy as the days were with so many kiddos, we had a nice visit and I look forward to seeing you guys again at Christmas time. We missed you Lauri and family. One of these days we will all be able to get together, hopefully before the kids are all teenagers! haha!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about Luke

I've had so many posts lately about Sarah and all that she is doing and Jacob with school, his birthday etc, that I thought I would do a post all about my sweet Luke. Gotta give my middle child a little attention here! :)

Luke continues to melt my heart with his sweet smile and his sweet disposition.

He is talking more and more and it has been so fun hearing him put sentences together, interact more with "Bubba" as he calls Jacob and communicate with us on a different level. Luke's favorite word is "NO". Which I guess is appropriate for a 2.5 year old. Just for fun, I ask him "Luke, is your favorite word no?" And expecting him to answer with a "NO" he instead says "YES!" Stinker!

With his increasing vocabulary he has been saying things like "Oh, right" and "Oh, great." And the other day he was looking for a particular book and I told him it was in his room and he said "Oh rats".

I'm not a huge fan of nicknames such as "Bubba" and "Sissy" but before Luke was talking much we taught him to say Bubba for Jacob. Now that he is talking more we have been trying to teach him to say Jacob instead of Bubba. However, he insists on calling him Bubba! Now, Luke likes to play the "repeat" game with Jacob. Jacob will say something and Luke repeats him, Jacob says something and Luke repeats and on and on. Gets on Jacob's last nerve, it's so funny! So I thought PERFECT! I told Jacob to say, "My name is Jacob" in hopes that Luke would repeat this and start calling him Jacob instead of Bubba. So Jacob says "My name is Jacob" and Luke says back with a huge smile "My name is Bubba". Once again, little stinker!

Similarly, Luke has only called Sarah "baby". He has never said Sarah. So the other day he was looking at her name spelled out and said the letters "S-A-R-A-H spells baby." Then just smiles and giggles. Once again, little stinker! And speaking of Sarah, he continues to be such a sweet brother to her. He is very protective calling her "my baby" and is always kissing her on the head. I couldn't be happier how he has taken to her.

Some other fun facts...his favorite color is green, he loves the movie Cars, he loves to do things all by himself including choosing what to wear each day, he still loves animals, he has a sweet tooth just like his mommy and loves ice cream! Oh and he loves sneaking sips of my Diet Cokes.

And after all, he IS Mommy's Little Man.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby News

We have some exciting baby news to share...and no it does not involve another Webb baby! haha!

My sweet sister Kyla and her husband Michael are expecting their first baby in April! What a blessing it is to both of them to be welcoming one of God's precious miracles. We are thrilled beyond words! This will make 7 grandkids--all 7 years and under! Sarah and baby Zajicek will only be 8 months apart which is exciting in itself. Our continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby...and for Michael to find a job back in TEXAS!!! They will find out the gender mid-November so stayed tuned for that announcement.

Psalm 127:3 "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward."

Love you guys!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 weeks

Baby girl is getting big and is 10 weeks now! She went to her 2 month check up last week and got an A++ on her bill of health! She weighed 12.6 which is 90% and was 23" long which is 95%. Big girl! She continues to warm our hearts with her coos and smiles and we are enjoying every second with her.

She loves her activity mat.

She is getting strong on her tummy.

Baby girl loves her baths.

So sweet

Monday, October 11, 2010


We had Jacob's birthday party over the weekend and also celebrated Jim's birthday. Since their birthdays are only 2 days apart, this week is always a festive one!

We always try to take family pictures on the kid's birthdays.

All 6 grandkids

The Paniagua's

On another note, we had some landscaping work done in the front and back. We are getting the boys a playset for the backyard but had to get the ground leveled out before we could set it up. Pictures coming soon. Since the landscapers were here we had them clean out our front beds. We have never liked the yard/beds at this house and felt the front beds were too crowded and needed a little TLC. We are also putting down a stone border which should be done within the next few weeks. More pics of this soon. Here are a few before and after pictures as of now...



After- We are still deciding on what to plant nearest the sidewalk to fill in the open space.




Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Boy

Five years ago today, our sweet Jacob was born. 5:12 pm on a Thursday evening. A day I will never forget. He has brought so much joy to our lifes and we are so thankful God chose us to be his parents.

Here's a look back...a few of my favorites.
6 months

One year

18 months

2 years

3 years

4 years

And today...5 years!

He had school today and he got to enjoy a cookie treat with his friends in his class.

And Lukie too

Then we went to Chuck-e-Cheese and let him play games until his little heart was content.

We headed back to the house for a pizza dinner and a cupcake treat for dessert.

And then of course came the gifts. He is having a Hot Wheels party on Saturday so his favorite gifts today were his Hot Wheel toys. He is crazy for Hot Wheels!

He had a great day and we are looking forward to celebrating with our friends and family this weekend! We love you Jacob!