Monday, February 22, 2010

It's T-ball Time

Jacob is officially now on his first T-ball team! They had their first practice this past Saturday and he had loads of fun...despite the chilly, windy weather! He was a little nervous to go b/c I think he didn't quite know what to expect. And he was VERY sad his coach from Little Sluggers wasn't his coach for this team. I tried telling him the coach would be different but he kept telling me "just wait Mom, you'll see". Ok Jacob! :) His team is The Scrappers and his first game is March 27. (the weekend we are set to move, what timing!)

I also want to post some recent conversations with Jacob that just make me laugh. He is at such a fun age and says the funniest things!

M: "Jacob will you go get yours and Luke's laundry basket for me?"
So he brings in Luke's basket and a few minutes pass and I say
M: "Ok, go get your basket now."
J: "No, it's ok Mom. I just pushed down all my clothes and it's not full anymore."
M: "Well honey, I still need to wash those clothes so just go ahead and bring them in here for me."
J: "Come here and I'll show you. Look how low it is. You don't need to wash them."
Oh, if only this is how it really worked!

One of the things I love most about kids is their innocence and their ability to just say whatever it is they think. Some times it makes me laugh and other times it makes me cringe a little...
J: "Mom, which nurse gave Luke his shots at the doctor?"
M: "Well, I don't know her name but it was the one with long brown hair you know, she's real nice."
J: "Oh yeah right, the one with the big, fat belly."

After the snow storm we had a few weeks ago, here is what Jacob had to say the days after when the weather cleared...
J: "Mom, I have the best news...the sun is shining."

And you know you eat at Chick-fil-a too often when...
M: "Jacob, thank you for helping me clean up the toys."
J: "My pleasure."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Update

I went to the doctor today for my monthly appointment and everything went great. I had another sonogram and the blood clot that they have been monitoring is gone! Yea! The baby's heartbeat was 170, nice and strong. I got to see lots of movement, the baby raised it's arm and put it right by it's head. So sweet! I go back on Tuesday, March 23 and will get the 20 week comprehensive sonogram. We will find out the gender then! Can't wait!!

I'm 14 weeks 4 days. Baby's face looking right at us.

Here's a picture of when the baby put it's arm up by it's head. You can see it's fingers too!

You can see the spine in this picture

On another note, we close on our house a week from today. And we have still been looking frantically for a new house. Because we plan for this next house to be our house for many years to come, we feel the pressure to find just the perfect house for us, the kids and our future. We will be leasing our house back for a month so our move out date is March 28. We still have a little time but we do have an apartment complex in mind if we have to live temporarily for a few months. Funny thing is, Chapel Hill is the complex we are looking at...the same complex Jim and I lived in after we got married, before we bought this house. Full circle! I'll be sure to post any exciting house news when we have some.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

We enjoyed all the snow we got today. It literally snowed all day long. It was constant and so pretty. We went out around 10 this morning to build a snowman but Luke wanted no part of the snow, the cold or being outside, period. So, I told Jacob we would go back out when Luke was taking his nap. I hate that Luke missed out on the fun but maybe next time.

Luke did venture out into the snow but quickly wanted my help out!

Now he's happy

Jacob trying to find our flowers

Here's our snowman. Thanks to Bob the Builder for the hat and Mr Potato Head for the eyes, mouth and arms. And Jacob was so excited about the carrot nose.

Once Jim got home, it was time for a snowball fight. Not sure who had more fun, Jim or Jacob!

I tried again with Luke but he was happy just staying on the patio

Although Jim did carry him out in the yard but only lasted about a minute. Poor little guy!

Lovin' every minute of it

Catching snowflakes with his tongue

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun Facts

Luke had his 2 year check-up today. He weighed 27 pounds (50th percentile) and was 33 inches tall (25th percentile). His head was in the 90th percentile! As a comparison, at Jacob's 2 year check-up, he was 28 pounds and 35 inches tall. Two inches taller, wow!

Luke currently has a cold with a cough and has now for about a week. We've been doing the routine breathing treatments to help him from wheezing. Which is a beating, I might add! We found out today that he has a ear infection in his left ear! Poor guy. The strange thing is he has not shown any symptoms of an ear infection, no fever, no irritability, sleeping fine. I'm sure it was just a matter of days before he started feeling bad. I'm just glad we caught it soon. This is his first one of the season. This time last year he had already had about 3 ear infections. So, I'm thankful this winter has been a lot far!

Luke is progressing right on track. His doctor was thrilled with his word progression and all that he was doing. He can recognize most colors. If I ask him which one is red, blue, green etc he can point it out. He can recognize some letters and make some letter sounds. Thanks to Leap Frog Letter Factory which he loves to watch. He can point out several shapes when, square, triangle, rectangle, star.

He also LOVES to do puzzles. He has worked his way up to the puzzle that doesn't have the individual holes for the pieces. Where it's just one picture and not divided. And he gets so excited when he finishes it. His Uncle Brian made him a wooden puzzle in the shape of a dog for his birthday. Combining two of his favorites, dogs and puzzles! Thanks again Uncle Brian! (didn't get a picture of this one)

Jacob and Luke like to put on their "Super Why" gear and play. Super Why is a show on PBS. It's all about words, sounding out words and learning to read. It's great. The costume is from the main character. Jacob got his for Christmas and I quickly realized we needed another one. There was high demand for this toy. So, Luke got his for his birthday!

Showing off their capes

The most recent activity is to get all the pillows from around the house and build them their very own house. They love it. Now, keeping Luke from accidentally knocking over the "walls" can be quite a task. We just rebuild...a lot! :)

Decided to take a little TV break