Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lakeway Resort

Every year Edward Jones has a summer regional meeting for all the brokers and their family's. This year it was at the Lakeway Resort on Lake Travis in Austin. We went down on Thursday and got back on Sunday and had a great time. Jim of course had a few meetings but we had lots of time at the pool and at other functions. The pool was great and very kid friendly. The boys just loved the water so much that I'm going to enroll Jacob in swimming lessons after we get back from Yellowstone in a few weeks. I've debated on whether or not it would be worth it this summer, but after this weekend I think I will. Luke loved the water as well and had fun exploring the hotel room and everything that came his way.

The view from our hotel room- Lake Travis.

We were on the balcony and Jacob spotted a deer...

Jacob was brave in his lifejacket and went all over the pool

Jacob went down the slide twice, once with Jim and once with me. He hit his elbow on the slide when he was with me and was done after that. I have to admit, it was a little fast.

The infinity pool- adults only of course

I couldn't resist the sunset from our room- so pretty

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

Over the weekend, my parents and the Paniagua's spent the weekend here to celebrate Father's Day. On Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to the Texas Motor Speedway and watch my dad drive a Nascar. This all came about after my parents watched the movie, The Bucket List. They then talked about what was in their "bucket list". One of the things my Dad mentioned was wanting to drive a race car. So after a little research, we found a driving school through the Texas Motor Speedway that gave him a 8 minute ride around the speedway. (we gave him this as a surprise for his 60th birthday back in March and the race just happened to be Father's Day weekend.) He had to take a hour long class prior to the drive then he was on his way. He topped out at 150mph and had a blast. He did admit to having sweaty palms but said it was great!

Before the race, they had to wear flame retardant jumpers and a helmet

He was in the yellow and red car on the left

There he goes, he averaged about 50 seconds per lap

They had to get in and out of the car through the window, just like the pros

Telling us all about it

Standing in front of an Indy car

Jacob got the best view and also asked me when he could drive a race car like Grandpa!

We also went to a Frisco Roughriders game Saturday night. We sat in the out field on the lawn which was perfect so the kids could run around. That was the first time we had been to a Roughriders game and really liked it. Plus they won, so you can't beat that.

Luke is always smiling these days

The kiddos watching the game

Gracie girl

This picture says it all- story time for all. If only Grandma's lap were just a little bigger!

Happy Father's Day Dad- we love you!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Birthday Girl

Our sweet niece, Annie also had a recent birthday. She turned 2 on June 7, just days after Emily's birthday. We had a party out at my parent's house last weekend and the kids enjoyed a Mickey Mouse themed party. My parents also recently bought a water slide that the kids had a blast playing with. They spent hours playing in the water and going down the slide, boy did they sleep good that night! Happy Birthday Annie!

Birthday girl

Enjoying her cupcake

Enjoying his cupcake

New water slide

A rare shot of Luke sitting still on the couch, long enough for a picture

Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday girl

My sweet niece, Emily turns one today! It's hard to believe it's been a year already! She is so sweet and is walking all over. Between Emily, Jacob and Luke, it makes for a busy, fun time when we are all together! Her party was over the are a few pictures.

She loved her cake

Luke and Emily are 4 months apart

Gift time

All 3 looking at the camera, amazing!

16 months old and Summer fun

Little Luke is 16 months old now. He is doing more and more and is loving being able to walk all around. He's getting faster and faster and I know running won't be too far away. Here are a few of his newest tricks...

*We always say our prayers before dinner and lately Luke has been putting his hands together to pray with us. He usually is the first one with his hands together ready and waiting for us! Too cute!
*If I ask Luke for a kiss, he opens his mouth as wide as possible and comes right at me with a big slobbery mouth.
*He can walk backwards
*He LOVES books. He will bring a book to me and back himself up to sit in my lap to read it.
*He loves to put stuff in the trash can, some trash, some not! I've dug out many toys from the trash lately.
*He now has 12 teeth.
*He has been initiating Peek-a-boo with me and loves covering his eyes to play.

We recently got a little inflatable pool for the boys and they have been having so much fun in it. Here are a few pictures...