Monday, June 1, 2009

16 months old and Summer fun

Little Luke is 16 months old now. He is doing more and more and is loving being able to walk all around. He's getting faster and faster and I know running won't be too far away. Here are a few of his newest tricks...

*We always say our prayers before dinner and lately Luke has been putting his hands together to pray with us. He usually is the first one with his hands together ready and waiting for us! Too cute!
*If I ask Luke for a kiss, he opens his mouth as wide as possible and comes right at me with a big slobbery mouth.
*He can walk backwards
*He LOVES books. He will bring a book to me and back himself up to sit in my lap to read it.
*He loves to put stuff in the trash can, some trash, some not! I've dug out many toys from the trash lately.
*He now has 12 teeth.
*He has been initiating Peek-a-boo with me and loves covering his eyes to play.

We recently got a little inflatable pool for the boys and they have been having so much fun in it. Here are a few pictures...


  1. Oh, such summer fun!! The boys are just tooooooo cute! I love how you are enjoying them, Katherine!

  2. The pool looks like a blast! I can't believe Luke is growing up so quickly. The praying hands sound so sweet!

  3. I love hearing all about Luke's accomplishments. I love that he brings books for you to read - so sweet!

    The pool looks liike fun! We tried out Jackson's new pool and he wasn't too interested in getting in. The water was too cold!