Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

We had a fun time hosting Thanksgiving at our house again this year with Jim's family. We had quite the spread of food and enjoyed the day together.

Our thanksgiving turkey. For the month of November, we wrote down the things we were all thankful for. 


Acorns made of Hersey Kisses, mini Nilla Wafers and a mini chocolate chip on top. 

Our turkey appetizer.
I love this picture!

Sarah and G-Lana playing a game on the phone.

Eating dessert

After we stuffed our bellies we took a walk down to the pond and let the kids feed the ducks. But I think they had more fun collecting acorns to throw into the pond. 

Our niece, Alyssa.


Another favorite picture!

Silly time!

Monday, November 26, 2012

November in pictures

Here are the random pictures I collected from November...

Pure sweetness!

The boys taught her this face. That's her playful, mad face if there is such a thing.

That's better! We actually just sold this Little Tikes playset since they really didn't play on it much any more. It definitely opened up the yard more once it was gone. 

They love to dig!

Grace had her birthday party this year at a little American Girl doll shop in Tyler. It was too cute and very girlie!

Sarah played right along by taking care of her baby. 

And feeding her!

Kristina got Grace and her doll, Pepper, matching dresses and bows! So stinkin' cute I tell ya!

Sarah is obsessed with her "puple nite-nite ress" (purple night-night dress). She loves , loves, loves this nightgown or night-night dress as she says. And she usually requests to wear two bows with it. Kristina was so excited to find her girls one that matched and we couldn't resist the sweet picture!

Is it just me or are these two looking more alike these days? I think Sarah still resembles Jacob some but I think because she and Luke have the same color hair and the same light eyes. Loves these kids!

Sweet friends!

I tried to grab the camera in time to capture them walking through the mall holding hands! 
Sarah and our friend Kayla at Going Bonkers over Thanksgiving break. 
I found these little offering envelopes at our church for kids. Jacob put $5 of his own money in last week and filled out the envelope himself.  We both got a laugh out of the fact that he put down for his good deed of the week "playing good with Jackson." We love you Jackson!! :)

Grandparents Day

The Friday before Thanksgiving break, Jacob's school has a Grandparents/Special Friends Day. My mom took the day off of work and came up to enjoy the special day with Jacob. The festivities were centered around lunch time, the book fair and an early dismissal which he was thrilled about! 

He was so excited to show her his room.
We enjoyed the rest of the weekend by doing a little shopping at the mall, taking the kids to see the movie, Wreck it Ralph and lots of play time at the house. Thanks again Mom for coming up and spending the weekend with us. Such a fun time!

Watch D.O.G.S

Jacob's school has a program called Watch D.O.G.S- Dads of Great Students. The thought behind this program is not only to get the dads more involved but to have more of a male presence up at the school. I think the only males employed at his school are the two P.E coaches. Jim joined the program this year by attending the kick-off meeting and then signed up for a day of volunteering. Something we didn't realize was the sign-up was for an entire day up at the school. He was there from 7:30-3:00.

Jim was a bit hesitant at first not sure what the day was going to involve. However, the program ran very smoothly and Jim actually ended up enjoying the day. They asked for him to be there at 7:30 to help with drop-off. Which included helping the kids out of the cars and greeting the parents.  Jim and Jacob then got acknowledged on the morning announcements which was a special treat for them both. They had a set schedule for Jim to follow which included him rotating through the four first grade classes. He got to start in Jacob's class and got to read the class a story. He also worked one-on-one with different students in specific subjects. I took lunch up to both of them that day and Jacob was on cloud nine that we were both there. Jim got to know the principal and the other first grade teachers well and really enjoyed the day.

They have a bulletin board in one of the hallways that recognizes all the Watch Dog Dads. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our little gymnast

I'm doing a little mommy and me gymnastics class with Sarah. She is loving it and seems to enjoy all the equipment. She is usually all over the place trying everything out. Here she is in action...

She loves the trampoline.

She is pretty strong on the bars and rings. She is able to hold herself up and swing back and forth. 

She does pretty good on the beam as well. 

The last five minutes of class we head over to the main gym and they get to play in the pit with the foam blocks. 

Sarah loves jumping in. 

Block tower

Getting a sucker at the end of class.