Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

Every year, Edward Jones has their summer regional meeting in June. This year we lucked out. It was at the Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend in Grapevine, just a short 30 minute drive for us. What a perfect year for us not to have to take a road trip to Houston, Austin or San Antonio where the meetings are usually held! Plus the Great Wolf Lodge was a great place to go with young kids. It's all about them where everything is kid centered and family friendly. The indoor water park was complete with a "little kid" area (perfect for our guys), a wave pool, lazy river, regular swimming pool and several large water slides for the adults. We decided to go in a day early and take advantage since this was our last "vacation" before baby girl arrives.

The boys looking out at the indoor water park while Daddy got us checked in. They couldn't wait to partake in the fun!

Jacob posing with the Wolf. Luke was happy to watch from afar in Daddy's arms. :)

Suited up and ready to go

Standing in front of the biggest attraction.

Every 4-5 minutes 1000 gallons of water dump out from the huge bucket at the top.

The boys waiting in line for the little kid water slides

And yes, even sweet Luke had his fun. He wasn't hesitant at all to try the slides. Watching his big brother do it, always makes it easier. Jacob is on the left and Luke is on the right.

Here is Jacob coming down the bigger, blue slide

And Lukie too (behind the arm)

Plotting their next plan- the blue or yellow slide, which will it be??

Watching one of the character shows. They watched this same show every morning at 9 and needless to say, I had those silly songs stuck in my head all day long! :)

The boys with Abby, one of the friends that Jacob met and talked about nonstop. Her mom is also a Jones broker. He has already asked for me to "text her mom and make plans for a playdate"!

Sweet boy

Having some down time after a full day of swimming

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Special Visitors

Last week we had some very special guests...Jerry, Amanda and Alex Correa. They are in town from Virginia. We had a great visit and it was such fun spending quality time together and watching all the boys interact together.

We took a walk one morning to feed the ducks and geese

Little Alex was more interested in his thumb and his momma than he was the ducks and geese! Sweet boy! :)

Dana and Jackson joined us every day for the fun. We went to the mall one day and let the boys ride the carousel and play at the play area. They had great fun! Here they are waiting their turn. Jackson, Jacob, Luke and Alex (photo courtesy of Amanda)

We all went to dinner one night at Babe's. I've been friends with these girls since the 9th grade and I wouldn't have it any other way! Although we are missing our dear friend Lauri and her family! We missed you girl!

Here's the gang-(again, thanks Amanda for the photo)

The Dads and their boys- thanks Dana for the photo

This was the best shot we got of all 4 boys together. Not an easy task! Lukie was about to make his great escape!

When Luke sees the camera, this is the usual shot I get! Not kidding!!

Jacob and his buddy Jackson

We had a great time together and I can't wait until the next time. Hopefully in a few weeks! :) Love you girls!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can you say...nesting

We or should I say "I" am in major nesting mode. I am 32 weeks and am feeling a bit anxious to get some things done around here before baby girl makes her debut.

We got the front two rooms complete, FINALLY! They laid the wood floors this past week and finished up yesterday. I must say I am NOT one for living in a mess and having things out of sorts, especially with kids. I am sooooo glad this project is complete and we can make a HUGE check on our to-do-list.

Dining room furniture was all over the place

In the works

But at last, we love our new office!

And our dining room!

Another huge check on the to-do-list was getting the boys room done. We got twin beds from my parents last month. They have had these beds since Kyla and I used them when we were younger. They are in great shape and it's working out just perfect for the boys.

Jacob LOVES his new room and bed. I'm still working with Luke but they seem to have fun sharing a room.

Nightie night...aren't they cute!!

Now, time to focus on the nursery. Pictures to hopefully come soon, as soon as I can get the stuff hung up on the walls. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to East Texas over Memorial Day weekend and had a weekend full of activities.

The kids swimming at Kristina and Oscar's house

Celebrating Annie's 3rd birthday

We also had the opportunity to go out and support my Grandpa on Memorial Day. They had a special ceremony in Tyler that we went to and it was great. He will be 88 in a few weeks. He is a Pearl Harbor Survivor and always appreciates the special treatment he receives. Going to ceremonies like this one makes me so thankful for our great country and the wonderful men and women that serve for our freedom!

My Dad and Grandpa were interviewed by channel 56 and made it on the news coverage that night.

Being silly while eating breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa's.

I actually captured a smile from Luke. Powdered donut face and all!

Helping Grandpa in the garden

Showing off the biggest radish

And the biggest squash

They found a frog in the garden and Luke had NO fear. He was chasing it all over and would pick it up and hold it without thinking twice.

Jacob wasn't too sure at first but warmed up quickly

Helping Grandpa snap the green beans