Saturday, January 25, 2014

November Pictures I ever behind on my blog. Get ready for lots of pictures with little to no explanation! Ha!


The Paniagua cousins.

Luke's end of soccer trophy!
Sarah and Ryan being sweet friend over dinner. 

Helping pack Thanksgiving boxes at church. 

One of the biggest fundraisers at the boy's school is the Fun Run. They had a great time!

His best buddy, JT.

Luke's turn.

Luke's little buddy, Brendan.
His other buddy, Tyler. 
His other buddy, Luke lives next door. 

I could have done without the blue hair spray but they both wanted it. Thankfully it washed out easily!

The Friday before Thanksgiving each year is Grandparents Day at school. We decided to make a turkey treat to eat as a snack instead of the turkey hot plate they serve at lunch- ugh! We visited the book fair and then left for lunch! 

Luke and his teacher, Mrs. Gerhardt.
Sarah and our next door neighbor, Jillian. 

This is at Papa Jim and G-Lana's house on Thanksgiving Day.

The kids and I made these turkey cupcakes for their dessert.