Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last Thursday, Sarah got tubes put in both ears. The numerous ear infections, busted ear drum, slight loss of hearing and constant fluid in her ears easily led us to this decision. And let me just say how happy I am that this is behind us and I'm looking forward to a future (hopefully) free of those nasty ear infections.

The morning started early. Her surgery was schedule at 7:00 AM, the first one of the day. We had to be at the surgery center at 6:00 which meant we needed to leave at 5:30. Which meant I needed to get up at 4:45. Which really meant I had been awake off and on from about 4:00. Checking the clock every few minutes to make sure I didn't over sleep. Let's just say, it's been awhile since I've been up that early. I got Sarah up at 5:20 and was a bit nervous she wouldn't be too happy since she couldn't have anything to eat or drink before the procedure. She sat quietly in the car and watched Mickey Mouse on the way there. And she actually did pretty good while we waited for her surgery time. Jim stayed back so he could get the boys ready and to school. Divide and conquer.

We got called back shortly after 6:00 to fill out paperwork and had a chance to talk to the doctors and nurses before they took her back.

Waiting for surgery time

And more waiting.
The anesthesiologist took her at 6:50. She looked back at me and cried pretty hard. You know the kind, mouth wide open but nothing coming out! Heartbreaking! But I knew it was just a matter of seconds until they had her back and were able to put the mask on her and she would be asleep. I wasn't in the waiting room for 10 minutes when the doctor came walking out and told me they were done and everything went well. He did suction out fluid in both ears before he put the tubes in. The thing about tubes is it's an immediate fix, which I love. The nurse came and got me about 5 minutes later around 7:00. Other than dreading the thought of having to deny her something to eat or drink before the procedure, her coming out of the anesthesia was what I was dreading the most. Everyone I had talked to told me this was the worst part. The kids are agitated, irritated and down right mad when they are waking up. I asked the nurse on the way back how she was doing and she said fine that she was just looking around. Hmmm, I thought. Sure enough when I got back there one of the nurses was holding her and Sarah was laying on her shoulder nice and still. She was so cuddly and I was loving every minute of it. She was so quiet and still. She never cried. I'm convinced she was quietly listening to the two kids next to us that were having a hard time. She doesn't like hearing other kids cry. The nurse told us I had to hold her until about 7:30 and then we could leave! Wow- getting tubes is an in and out deal. Quick and routine which makes it easier on the parents.
Headed home, still waking up.
The nurses gave her this little white bear. She loves it! 

There's a little smile. 

Almost home, still shocked she didn't fall back to sleep in the car. 
We got home a little after 8:00 and she perked right up when she saw Luke and Daddy. She played with Luke and was acting like nothing ever happened.  Amazing! After Jim took Luke to school she and I played until I put her down for a nap at 11:00. Really? I kept thinking how can she not be exhausted. Waking up at 5:20 and anesthesia. Wow girlie! She did take a good nap that afternoon so I was thankful for that. We went to pick Luke up from school at 2:00 and even stayed to play on the school playground like we always do. You would have never known she had tubes put in that morning.

She's such a little trooper!
So thankful it all went well and it's now behind us! Thank you sweet Sarah for being such a trooper and such a strong little girl! You continue to amaze us!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent Happenings

Jacob recently celebrated his 100th day of Kindergarten. This is a big deal in school as 100 is an important number to those in Kindergarten. Each student was asked to decorate a shirt with 100 things. I always get a little nervous when I see assignments like this. Let's be honest here, this is homework for the parents. Coming up with the idea, shopping for the supplies, putting the project together. My first thought was to think of something that would be easy to attach to a shirt. Something that wouldn't fall off or be bothersome to Jacob throughout the day. So I thought safety pins would be easy to attach and would stay on and I thought little beads would give it some color. Jacob and I did brainstorm ideas together on what to do and he did try to help to put the beads on. But let's face it, safety pins and kids don't mix!

The classroom bulletin board was updated to reflect the focus on 100. The question was "What would you love to have 100 of?" Jacob's answer "Wii games".  To say he is enjoying his Christmas gift is an understatement!! :)
Each week a different student is featured as "Student of the Week". Jacob's turn was a few weeks ago. They are asked to fill this form out and submit two pictures to be displayed on their bulletin board. Here are his answers:
Name: Jacob Webb
Birthday: October 6
City where I was born: Denton
My favorite book: The Cat In the Hat
My favorite animal: Shark
My favorite food: candy
A person I admire: Mommy (aww!)
What I like most about our school: Recess
My wish: IPad (really?)
What I do well: Read

Jacob finished up his basketball season last weekend. The team celebrated the season with an end of season party at a local yogurt store and trophies.

Before calling Jacob up his coach described him as one of the best rebound players, good on defense and has made lots of improvement since the first game. 

The Golden Eagles
His best buddy, Brett
Luke has been a happy-go-lucky little guy lately! Always a smile on his face, happy and goes with the flow! I would say over the last month or so he really seems a little older to me. Age four is treating us well so far!

Luke has been enjoying his Lil' Sluggers class. He's been learning lots of good T-ball skills to prepare him for his first season of Spring T-ball. Can't wait for the season to start up and watch our sweet boy!


And then there's our sweet Sarah. We found out this week that she definitely is in need of tubes in her ears. She without a doubt needs them. She didn't do very well on the hearing text and when the ENT doctor looked in her ears he said, "Oh, oh yeah!" Never a good sign when you hear that from a doctor. However, I do feel very relieved. Knowing she won't be suffering through anymore ear aches, anymore tummy aches from the antibiotics, anymore restless nights and fevers gives me lots of peace. We should have the tubes in within the next two weeks.

Holding hands with her date to the Superbowl party!

Both the boys had fun Valentine's Day parties at school. Thankfully, they were at different times so I could go to both. Luke's was first at 9:00 then Jacob's at 1:30.

Jacob and his teacher, Mrs. Naber! We LOVE her!

Love this picture. They were playing a game and dancing all around!

Luke and Sarah kept themselves busy playing with different things around the room. 

Luke was very entertained!

Mrs. Naber set up a little station for all the siblings that were there. They got to decorate their own cookies. So sweet!
Love these kiddos more than I could have ever imagined!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading Fun

Each week at school, Jacob gets two new reading books for his book baggie. These are to be read at home and the parents are asked to initial their reading log and add any comments we might have. I love that they are keeping such close tabs on the kid's reading levels and it's been fun seeing his reading improve over the year. Here is his most recent book. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sarah at Eighteen months

Oh, where do I start? Sarah-bear is doing so much these days, I'm just not quite sure what to start with first. How about the not-so-good first. Baby girl is fighting yet another ear infection right now. The last two have occurred about a month within each other. The hard part about these ear infections is she doesn't run a fever, doesn't tug at her ears, there are no clear signs of an infection. It's so hard to tell when she has one and by the time I end up taking her in both ears are usually infected. The doctor did talk to me about visiting an ENT to talk about getting tubes put in. We have an appointment in a few weeks to see if this is something we should do or not.

Here are a few things Miss Sarah is doing these days:
*While she loves being held, Sarah lately has been wanting down so she can walk to where we are going. Because you know she isn't going to sit in a shopping cart or stroller anymore. She is TOO busy to have to sit and be restrained. Makes our outings quite interesting! Oy!
*And let's not forget the highchair. Won't sit in that either. IF she does sit in it, it's for no more than 10 minutes.
*We tried sitting her up to the table in the little booster seat to see if that would keep her seated for longer. Nope. Sure didn't!

*Which leads me to the next point, she still doesn't eat much. She might eat a few bites and is done. She has never been a big eater.
*She gets very distressed when she hears or sees another kid crying. She looks at me with a very concerned face and sometimes covers her ears!
*Her favorite (and only) words are: hieee, uh-oh, out, mommy, daddy, doggie and some combination of the last two, dag-dee.

Here she is saying "Oooout"

*We recently turned her car seat around facing forward. She LOVES it and so do I!

She loves being able to see the DVD player. 
*Now when I go to put her in her car seat she has to wiggle her way out and walk to the back of the van and sit in Jacob's car seat. I think she just likes being able to sit in the back and feels like a big girl. Which means I have to climb back there to get her out which usually she isn't too happy about.

*Baby girl can definitely scream like a girl! Wow! She especially likes to scream when she is having fun, laughing and playing with the boys.
*If she sees any shoes laying around, she sits down, takes hers off and tries to put the other shoes on. She loves wearing other people's shoes. And she loves bringing her shoes to me to put on for her. The other day she brought me one of her boots and one of her tennis shoe for me to put on and walked around for awhile with those on.
*When she is trying to show/tell you something she grabs your finger and takes you to what she wants. Usually it's the pantry and she then points to what she is wanting.
*She loves pushing her baby stroller around. She pushes anything from her doggies, babies, her snacks, the boy's toys, her shoes, anything she can put in there.

*She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Which can be a lifesaver at times when we are out and I need her to sit still.
For example, to keep her off the court and chasing the balls at Luke's Lil' Sluggers class.

*Her hair is getting longer and more curly as it grows. I'm loving these baby curls, so sweet!

*She loves holding hands with Luke.

* She can point to her body parts when asked. She especially loves finding her belly button.
*If you ask her for a hug she comes at you with her arms wide open. If you ask her for a kiss she usually comes at you with her mouth wide open for a big wet one!
*When you ask her what a dog says, she sticks out her tongue and pants. When you ask her what a cow says, she says "oooooo". We are working on the other animal sounds.
*She has figured out how to run and is quite quick on her feet!
*I recently bought a Groupon for four classes at My Gym. It was a great buy and we had fun trying the classes out. I expected her to jump right in and not look back. However, she surprisingly was a little hesitant. The first two classes, she just wanted to be held during the circle time songs and needed some encouragement during the free play. But she warmed up towards the end.

Here are a few other random pictures.
Cuddled up with Jacob in bed just before bedtime. 
Pushing her own shopping cart at Market Street. Look closely.  Daddy thought it would be funny to  put the beer in her cart and have her push it around.! 

Sweet girl feel asleep with Papa Jim while watching Mickey Mouse. 
After we pick Luke up from his classroom at school, we usually go and play on the school's playground for awhile with some of the others kids. Sarah thinks it's fun to play with Luke's backpack on.  
Sweet Sarah, you are a bundle of energy that keeps us on our toes. I love watching you so engaged in all that you do, taking it all in and exploring everything! You bring a smile to our faces day after day and your energy brings so much to our family! We love you sweet Sarah-bear!