Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last Thursday, Sarah got tubes put in both ears. The numerous ear infections, busted ear drum, slight loss of hearing and constant fluid in her ears easily led us to this decision. And let me just say how happy I am that this is behind us and I'm looking forward to a future (hopefully) free of those nasty ear infections.

The morning started early. Her surgery was schedule at 7:00 AM, the first one of the day. We had to be at the surgery center at 6:00 which meant we needed to leave at 5:30. Which meant I needed to get up at 4:45. Which really meant I had been awake off and on from about 4:00. Checking the clock every few minutes to make sure I didn't over sleep. Let's just say, it's been awhile since I've been up that early. I got Sarah up at 5:20 and was a bit nervous she wouldn't be too happy since she couldn't have anything to eat or drink before the procedure. She sat quietly in the car and watched Mickey Mouse on the way there. And she actually did pretty good while we waited for her surgery time. Jim stayed back so he could get the boys ready and to school. Divide and conquer.

We got called back shortly after 6:00 to fill out paperwork and had a chance to talk to the doctors and nurses before they took her back.

Waiting for surgery time

And more waiting.
The anesthesiologist took her at 6:50. She looked back at me and cried pretty hard. You know the kind, mouth wide open but nothing coming out! Heartbreaking! But I knew it was just a matter of seconds until they had her back and were able to put the mask on her and she would be asleep. I wasn't in the waiting room for 10 minutes when the doctor came walking out and told me they were done and everything went well. He did suction out fluid in both ears before he put the tubes in. The thing about tubes is it's an immediate fix, which I love. The nurse came and got me about 5 minutes later around 7:00. Other than dreading the thought of having to deny her something to eat or drink before the procedure, her coming out of the anesthesia was what I was dreading the most. Everyone I had talked to told me this was the worst part. The kids are agitated, irritated and down right mad when they are waking up. I asked the nurse on the way back how she was doing and she said fine that she was just looking around. Hmmm, I thought. Sure enough when I got back there one of the nurses was holding her and Sarah was laying on her shoulder nice and still. She was so cuddly and I was loving every minute of it. She was so quiet and still. She never cried. I'm convinced she was quietly listening to the two kids next to us that were having a hard time. She doesn't like hearing other kids cry. The nurse told us I had to hold her until about 7:30 and then we could leave! Wow- getting tubes is an in and out deal. Quick and routine which makes it easier on the parents.
Headed home, still waking up.
The nurses gave her this little white bear. She loves it! 

There's a little smile. 

Almost home, still shocked she didn't fall back to sleep in the car. 
We got home a little after 8:00 and she perked right up when she saw Luke and Daddy. She played with Luke and was acting like nothing ever happened.  Amazing! After Jim took Luke to school she and I played until I put her down for a nap at 11:00. Really? I kept thinking how can she not be exhausted. Waking up at 5:20 and anesthesia. Wow girlie! She did take a good nap that afternoon so I was thankful for that. We went to pick Luke up from school at 2:00 and even stayed to play on the school playground like we always do. You would have never known she had tubes put in that morning.

She's such a little trooper!
So thankful it all went well and it's now behind us! Thank you sweet Sarah for being such a trooper and such a strong little girl! You continue to amaze us!


  1. WOW!! Seriously, that is AMAZING!! I've just never heard of any child handling the procedure so well as Sarah. Connor was down for the count the entire day. She must have a serious energy tank, that girl! I'm SO thankful that it went so well and hopefully she will be infection-free from here on out!

    Thanks so much for your sweet call and voice mail yesterday! I'm hoping to be able to return calls very soon -- crazy week!

  2. I'm so thankful that it all went well and I hope that they give her the relief she needs! Sounds like she was such a trooper. At least you got some cuddles and quiet time with her!

  3. I kept thinking two things as I read this: Sarah is one tough cookie AND so are you for enduring the morning solo! I am amazed that she recovered and rebounded so quickly. She is certainly not one to let anything hold her back! She will not miss out on living her life to the very fullest each day, surgery or no! And you - I can't imagine having to pull surgery-duty alone! But I know that there are schedules and routines to keep, so what's a girl to do? You inspire me, sweet momma.