Sunday, September 29, 2013

August/September Pics

I figured I better try to catch up on the blog before, you know... the holidays and the new year. Ha! I've been so behind on my posts but I'm trying to catch up now. I still need to post pics from our San Diego trip back in...JULY!!! Ah! I've been putting that one off because I know it's going to take me awhile. Anyway, here is an update in pictures, mostly Iphone pics from August and September. 

We met up with some of Jim's high school friends in Ft. Worth for a swim and BBQ day. 

They all asked for a silly picture! Good to know it's not just my kids! :)

Dads and their kids!

The gang!

The boys will ask to sleep together sometimes on the weekends. Just love these sleeping pictures. Although the last time they slept together, Jacob woke up around 10 and said Luke was in his space and was snoring. They haven't asked since that time. haha!

Gotta love the Chick-fil-a cow. 

Since her birthday, Sarah has been loving all her dress up princess accessories and dresses. She loves her Rapunzel hair. 

Sarah as princess Sophia the First! 

Lily loves playing dress up with Sarah. 

Watching the Ipad in mom and dad's bed. Their favorite place. 

The kids love taking a 4-wheeler ride with Grandpa. 

We took the kids to see Planes with Lily and Cade. We love the movies!

Love this picture!

Off they go!

Back in August, we had an unseasonably cool day and enjoyed the afternoon at the park. 

Sarah helping me pull up our dead flowers!

She actually loved this and was a big helper!

We took the kids to The Perot museum in downtown Dallas one day before school started. It's a natural history and science museum and the kids had a blast. 

Jacob and his buddy, Matthew. 

The hands-on part was their favorite. 

Another before-school play date with Kenneth and Kayla. They've been friends since age 2 and were our neighbors back in Lewisville.  They all still say they are best-best-friends. So sweet!

Silly boys!

Watching Shark Week with my shark-lovin' boy. "It's a bad week to be a seal" as Luke often repeats from the show. 

I'm going to miss this sight one day!

The Friday of the first week of school I went and had lunch with the boys. 

Sarah has been riding Luke's little bike and is doing so good. She hopped on there and took off like she knew what she was doing.  Santa will be bringing new bikes for the whole family, including mom and dad! Can't wait!

It didn't take long after school started to start filling our bulletin boards with their work. 

We had a surprise 50th birthday party for my Aunt Zana a few weekends ago. What a fun night!

My cousin's Lacy and Lisa.

My Dad and his siblings. One brother is missing. 

If this dirty little face doesn't's I don't know what does. 

Sarah loves having a tea party. Even dressed as Snow White/Rapunzel. 

She loves braids, like Rapunzel of course! "Me have long hair like Rapunzel" she always says. 

Sarah and her little friend Jillian. Jillian lives next door and they have become the best of friends. Although Sarah looks like a giant next to her, Sarah is only six weeks older. They are taking their dance class together. 

They had the best time playing in a cardboard box that the boys had made as a hideout, equipped with windows and even a cut out door. 

I think sometimes Sarah thinks she is much older than Jillian. Here she is pushing her in the swing. 

Sarah's turn.  Swinging in style! :)

Silly girls. 

Sarah has been fast asleep every day when I pick her up from school. This still surprises me!

Fall sports are in full swing. Jacob moved up to the modified kid pitch league this Fall. He's had a huge interest in pitching and is getting to try it out this season. He needs lots of practice but is loving every minute of it! 

Little Luke is playing soccer again with the same team. Love watching him play. 

Look at that full body kick!

He made his first goal of the season this past weekend! Yea Lukie!