Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sarah's many firsts

Little Miss Sarah has had a lot going on in her little world. Her biggest accomplishment is the beginning of her preschool years. That's right...she has started Pre-K3. She is in the same Frogs class with the same two teachers that Luke had two years ago. She has been so excited about school ever since we bought her princess backpack and lunch box back in the summer. And again after the boys started their school a few weeks ago. She kept asking when she was going to go. Her school didn't start until almost 3 weeks after the boys. Sweet thing has been waiting so long.

I felt hopeful that her enthusiasm for school would result in a great first day. And it did. She seemed a little hesitant walking in but quietly did what she was supposed to do. She put away her things and sat down for some play-doh time. She gave me a hug and a kiss good-bye and that was it! Piece of cake. She even turned around to wave bye one last time and was all smiles! Just what this mommy needed.

After lunch time they have a rest time. I was a bit nervous that she wasn't going to lay on her mat for the 45-60 minutes that it is. Boy was I wrong. She was sound asleep! It even took me awhile to wake her up. She was out. Her teachers said she had a great day, never got sad and seemed to have fun with the other girls. Again, just what this mommy needed to hear.

How did Mommy do did you ask? Once I got in the car I did have a few tears. The first time in eight years that I didn't have one of my kiddos with me. The first time I left the preschool with no one in tow. I'm now that mom that leaves empty handed. All I've ever known is having at least one with me. Life is ever changing and I seem to feel and react to each and every little ripple!




Choosing her play-doh. And of course she chose pink.


This was her smile when we were leaving.

Baby girl had a good rest!

Since we are talking about school I thought it would be appropriate to share Sarah's version of the ABC song...
Sarah is also taking a swim class once a week. She has done great so far. Although last week she was a little hesitant with putting her head under and going down the slide which she has done the previous classes. Hopefully she will continue to warm up and get the hang of it.

She was all smiles her first class.

Sarah is also taking a little dance class once a week. A ballet/tap combo. And she loves every minute of it. Oh does she love it!! (I had to take these pictures through a two way mirror so excuse the poor quality.)
She was dressed and ready about two hours before her class.

 She loves the tap noise!

 I think she talked and played with the other girls more than anything.



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