Saturday, September 7, 2013

First day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

August 26, 2013 was a big day in our home. Jacob started 2nd grade and Luke started Kindergarten. And what a big day it was...for all of us!  The night before we had a few tears from Luke at bedtime saying he just wanted to be at home. Tugs at those heart strings I tell ya! Thankfully Monday morning went great. Luke woke up excited and ready to go. No tears, no sads and lots of smiles. We had fun getting prepared and organized for the first day. 

Updated chalkboard in the boy's room.

And the calendar. Color coded to their request. 

Clothes were laid out. 

After the kids went to bed, I got the breakfast table ready for the early morning. 
My early riser was excited to find it all!
We then headed outside for my favorite! (and there are a lot, just warning you!) We had a fun time identifying and finding just the right backpacks for the boys. Luke requested his favorite, sharks. And Jacob requested either baseball, robots or Texas Rangers. We decided on a baseball lunchbox and a Rangers backpack! :-)
My favorite!

Since this is Luke's kinder year I decided to go all out and get his name embroidered on his backpack and lunchbox as a special treat. Love it!

Smiles are starting to fade at this point. :)
There's my sweet boy!

And of course what's a post like this without a little flashback...

Luke's 1st day of Prek-K 4 last year! Age 4 1/2.

Luke's 1st day of Pre-K 3, two year ago. Look at that baby face! Age 3 1/2.

Ok, back to the now...

They were so cooperative with all my posing requests. Haha!

There's my big boy!

Favorite pic!

Jacob's first day of Kindergarten. 

Last year.
And now...
My friend Taryn was walking in behind us and snapped this picture for us! Thanks Taryn.

Love this picture! My two school boys!

Several times I heard Jacob pointing out different teachers to Luke. He has been so excited to show Luke the way. 

Outside Jacob's room.

We decided to take Jacob to his classroom first. Sweet Mrs. Jones. He got settled in just fine and was ready for the day. 

Sweet Mrs. Gerhardt.

Once we got Luke settled in, he didn't waste any time getting to work. Sweetness! 

Once we were walking out, I looked back to wave good-bye and he never looked back. Which gave me a lot of peace. He was settled in and ready for the day. 

After we dropped the boys off, we went to the Cheers and Tears breakfast they had for the Kindergarten parents. And yes I was still blinking back the tears at this point. But once we left, I was fine. Luke was in good hands and I knew he would have a great day!

After pick up we went to one of our favorite self-serve yogurt places, Cherry Berry with Lily and Cade. (also 2nd and Kinder).

When the boys got into the car at pick up they were both so excited to share about their day. They had so much to say which made me smile. Here is what Luke had to say: "Mom...bad news...I left my lunch box at school. And two was your day and how was Sarah's swimming lessons?" So sweet to ask about our day.  On Tuesday Luke got in the car and said, "Bad news...I did NOT like PE today." I'm gathering Luke likes to point out the not-so-good things first and saves the good stuff for last. 

And also worth noting, on Wednesday Jacob exclaimed "School ROCKS!" and on Friday of Labor Day weekend he says, "I wish this wasn't a long weekend, I LOVE school!" Jacob?? Is that you??  Second grade is off to a great start and it warms my heart to see his enthusiasm for school!

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  1. Oh their pictures are too sweet! I can hardly look at the yearly progression pictures because it just makes me realize how quickly they lose that little baby face and get their big boy faces! I'm going to need a serious shoulder to cry on in a couple years! :P

    So glad the school year is off to a great start! Loves!