Thursday, August 29, 2013

My baby boy

This year our baby boy will begin a new chapter in his little life. And a new chapter for our family. Kindergarten for our sweet Luke!  We have been through this milestone with Jacob.  And went through all the emotions of our oldest starting this new adventure a few years back. And honestly, I was expecting this transition with Luke to be a bit easier since we've been through it before. But I'm here to tell ya, not only has it not been easier it has been harder than I ever thought.

Like all three of my children, Luke holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons. He is my middle child. He is my baby boy. Ever since I registered Luke for Kindergarten back in the Spring, I have been dreading the day that I would have to walk my sweet boy into his new school, help get him settled in his classroom and kiss him goodbye for the day. I thought a lot about this new adventure for him/us over the summer and tired to prepare both him and myself (mostly myself) for the start of school.

I've never been concerned about Luke from an academic level. I think he is on track for his age. Kindergarten is so much more than academic. My emotions have been more attached he going to be able to be "on and engaged" from eight to three, five days a week? With twenty plus kids in his class, is he going to have his needs met, his questions answered, his voice heard? Being more on the quiet side, will he be overlooked because he's a good student, follows the rules and speaks quietly? Being the slow eater that he is, will he have time to eat all his lunch? Because he didn't in preschool. And if not, will he be starving until his snack at 2:10?  If he needs to speak up, will he? If he gets lost will he know what to do and where to go? Will he meet the right friends? I could go on. Letting go of so much of what has been my responsibility for his entire life is no easy task. NO easy task.

But having said all this, I know Luke is fully capable of adapting to new situations,  learning and following new procedures, making good choices and taking care of himself. I have no doubt he can do this. No doubt at all. But I know the first few weeks will be a time of transition, days of adjustment, and not to mention the feelings of fatigue that will set in after such long days. I just wish I could be there more than I am to help make the transition easier for him. To help ease him into this new world he is now entering. But he's a big boy now and it's time for him to spread his wings and fly. The wings that we've been nurturing and preparing for situations just like this. And I know he will soar!

I'm anxious to get this new chapter started, get settled in our routine and have peace in my heart. I know God will send his blessings and graces upon our Luke and our entire family during this new and exciting adventure. Bless our little Kindergartner!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sarah's birthday

Baby girl is THREE! That's right...3! We had a fun time celebrating our sweet Sarah on her birthday weekend. She had been talking about "me birfday" for quite some time...and ate it up once it finally got here! We were blessed and had all of my family in for the weekend. Jim's family joined us as well. Lots of kiddos and lots of fun.

We started Saturday morning with birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy.

We then all went down to Build-a-Bear at the mall and had fun watching the kids make their own bear.

Sarah "writing" her name on the birthday bear.

Love this girl

The workers really add lots of fun little things to do throughout the party.
Prepping the bear's heart before putting it inside.

Sarah took her role of stepping on the pedal to stuff her bear very seriously. If you look closely you will see that Sarah choose a pug dog instead of a bear as her special animal. We let her choose something different since she was the birthday girl. At first she had a purple pony in her hand but saw the dog and went for him.

Luke's turn.

Jacob's turn.

Bath time.

Arms out, thumbs up...

Knees bent.

This was a special party with all cousins in attendance. What a treat! (Andrew is missing from the pic)

We got home and she opened the rest of her gifts.

Rapuzel hair.

Great family photo.

 Papa Jim and G-Lana with all their grandkids.