Friday, August 23, 2013

Sarah's birthday

Baby girl is THREE! That's right...3! We had a fun time celebrating our sweet Sarah on her birthday weekend. She had been talking about "me birfday" for quite some time...and ate it up once it finally got here! We were blessed and had all of my family in for the weekend. Jim's family joined us as well. Lots of kiddos and lots of fun.

We started Saturday morning with birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy.

We then all went down to Build-a-Bear at the mall and had fun watching the kids make their own bear.

Sarah "writing" her name on the birthday bear.

Love this girl

The workers really add lots of fun little things to do throughout the party.
Prepping the bear's heart before putting it inside.

Sarah took her role of stepping on the pedal to stuff her bear very seriously. If you look closely you will see that Sarah choose a pug dog instead of a bear as her special animal. We let her choose something different since she was the birthday girl. At first she had a purple pony in her hand but saw the dog and went for him.

Luke's turn.

Jacob's turn.

Bath time.

Arms out, thumbs up...

Knees bent.

This was a special party with all cousins in attendance. What a treat! (Andrew is missing from the pic)

We got home and she opened the rest of her gifts.

Rapuzel hair.

Great family photo.

 Papa Jim and G-Lana with all their grandkids.

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  1. Looks like a super special day for sweet Sarah bear. So glad she had lots of family to share the day with. I love watching her grow into her girly girl personality.

    Oh, and is that a paradise cake? Good think we couldn't make the party. I might have had to eating some, gluten and all. Ha!