Saturday, July 20, 2013

Broken Bow

It has been a dream of my parents for all sixteen of us to take a vacation together. Well, it finally happened this summer. We rented a cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma for four nights and had a fantastic time. We had such fun together and made memories we will never forget.

What better way to start a vacation than by going to Mass all together. Praying especially for a safe trip. We left straight from Mass and I snapped this picture before heading out.  
The sign for our cabin--Winding Creek Lodge.

Winding Creek Lodge- five bedrooms with king size beds each with it's own full bathroom, game room with pool table and kitchenette, wrap around porch, hot tub. Perfect for all of us!

Fire pit

My dad was able to borrow this amazing pontoon boat from Yamaha. What connections huh!
It was perfect for all of us and we were all able to fit comfortably. 

The first of many deer we spotted. 

Each family was responsible for dinner one night. The Paniagua's prepared a wonderful steak dinner our first night there. 
The kids table! 

The adults didn't waste any time after the kids went down that first night. After we sat around the campfire  we all enjoyed the hot tub. Even us girls got in! :)

First day on the boat. It had a canopy that covered the entire boat. The shade was wonderful. 

Luke was a little unsure about the water and the boat at first.  He was glued to Jim the first hour or so but he warmed up and had a blast. 

The kids loved having a turn sitting with the "captain" and help drive the boat. 

A little swim break.

My wonderful parents

This tube came with the boat. What fun it was! We had to caution Dad to be careful with our boys. Lol!

No surprise but Sarah loved having her turn on the tube.


Luke preferred his s'mores to be without graham crackers. Just chocolate and marshmallows. Pure sugar baby! Sweet boy!

He melts my heart!

The Paniagua's
One morning we loaded up and went on a canoe trip. Talk about fun. Everyone went except Kyla, Joseph and baby Andrew, Sarah and Grandma. Grandma volunteered to stay behind and watch Sarah for us. Here we are about to get started. 

The water was freezing!

Taking a little break to let the kids play!

The boys!!

The boys loved canoeing and said it was one of their favorite things we did! I would have to agree!

The girls!

Meanwhile, mom and Kyla took Joseph, Sarah and Andrew on a little train ride and to the park while we were gone. There was something for everyone!

Posing during park playtime. 

Later that afternoon we saddled up and went for a horseback ride as a family! Too fun!

The kids had fun picking out which horse they wanted to ride. Unfortunately, they assigned us the horse that would best fit our size.

This time Michael stayed back with baby Andrew and Kyla brought Joseph along. 

I don't remember the last time I had been on a horse. But was it fun!!

Sarah was my riding partner. She loved it and was very cooperative for the hour long ride. 

Joseph loved the ride as well! So much to take in!

Dad and Jacob. The older kids had to ride behind the adult. Not such a good view but they loved it! 

Sweet Luke rode with daddy! He held on for dear life!

Annie and Oscar

Grace and Kristina

Mom and Gabriel

Here we go!

Back at the cabin, the kids enjoyed the not-so-hot tub. 

The next morning Dad took all the boys and Grace fishing. They didn't have much luck even though they set the bait the day before. 

While they were fishing we had a nice morning at the cabin. 

Then we took these guys on the train ride again. 

Once they were done fishing we spent the rest of the day on the lake. Nothing like the calming motion of the boat to put Sarah right to sleep! She slept for an hour in my arms, life jacket and all!

The kids loved tubing!

Luke was so into eating these Doritos. He was eating the last of the crumbs and was lovin' every minute of it!

Cheesy fingers!

Look at that hair!

Look at this sweet baby Andrew, 4 months! I loved getting some baby snuggles!


The boys enjoying some crab legs!

The kids had a great time playing outside at the cabin. They found all kinds of things to play with. We were blessed with AMAZING weather. Highs in the low to mid 80's! It even felt a bit chilly once the sun went down. Perfect weather to be outside. 

Grandpa enjoying his youngest grandson!

Love this smile!

Jacob set up a fun game of baseball for the kids. 

Meanwhile the girls found a "balance beam" to play on. 

Gabriel celebrated his 10th birthday while we were there! Double digits...such a big boy!

One last popsicle before we hit the road. 

I brought my tripod in hopes of getting a family picture. Here are a few silly ones while I was testing out the view...

This was the first one we officially tried for. I had a long way to run and didn't quite make it in time. 

This was the second attempt!!!!! Love this picture! Everyone looking and smiling (for the most part) and I made it back in time after running like a crazy fool! Lol!

Thanks for a wonderful vacation sweet family! Look forward to many more to come! Love you all!