Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jacob's baseball season

Jacob had another great baseball season on the Cubs team. Jim assisted again in coaching and was the main pitching coach. At the end of the season our record was 12-4. Twelve wins and four losses.  We finished 3rd among the other coach pitch teams. We were thrilled for those sweet boys!

This was the first season that this league had playoffs. There were two games then the championship game. We won the first game easily, 13-6. We played two nights later and lost a heart breaker! We took the lead in the last inning and were only ONE out away from winning the game. Oh man, was it hard to watch. We lost 12-11. As the boys walked off the field almost every one of them was crying. They were so disappointed. They put their little heart and souls into that game! As a parent it really is so hard seeing your little guy try so hard for something and not get it. I can only imagine all the other experiences that are to come, x3! Oy! Being a parent is no easy job. That's one thing I know for sure. And I know you all can relate! :)

I even woke up the next morning and couldn't stop thinking about that game and how it ended. Jacob was over it by then but I wanted it so badly for our little team. For a moment I thought I was becoming a crazy baseball mom. Lol!  But as Jim told me, baseball really does teach some good life lessons, as do most sports. Way to go Cubs for an awesome season!

This was Jim's last season to coach as Jacob will be able to move up to modified kid pitch in the fall. He's so excited about modified kid pitch. The kid pitcher pitches three balls and if there is no hit, the coach will come out and pitch two.  Here's to another great season of this great sport we all love!

Jacob's game ball!

His little friend, Audrey came to watch a game. 

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  1. Love seeing him in action in all the pics! So proud of our little baseball player!