Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kyle's wedding

My cousin Kyle got married on June 29. What a fun wedding. We haven't had a family wedding in awhile so it was a fun celebration for all of us. The Eckels really know how to party! Kyle and Erin decided on a country themed wedding. The groom and groomsmen were in brown vests, jeans and boots and the bridesmaids were in beautiful short dresses and boots. Erin even wore boots under her dress. I have to say they pulled it off very well! It was so fitting for them, especially since Kyle and Erin are both from Rusk! We all enjoyed the Mexican buffet for dinner, the open bar and the disc jockey. 

Kyle and his groomsmen walked down the aisle as well. 
Aren't they the cutest?!? Kaylee is another cousin's daughter. Just precious!

Such a sweet celebration.

Little Miss Sarah has come to love being with her Aunt Kristina. She stayed in her arms throughout the entire wedding!

Annie and Grandma.

All eight grandkids at the reception.

And Joseph is gone! 

First dance!

My Aunt Zana dancing with her sweet boy! They were both crying. I have to say this dance really moved me. Envisioning myself dancing with Jacob and Luke at their wedding was almost something I couldn't bear to think about. Sniff, sniff!

Aunt Kristina and baby Andrew.

The boys, the boys!

The boys and the groom!

Grandma and Andrew

The kids had a ball dancing the night away. Shoes came off and they went to town!
They watched the line dances intently.

Go Luke!

Sarah was cracking us up. She wasn't shy at all!

Grandma cheering Sarah along. 

Sarah is also very fond of her Uncle Oscar. 

Jim had a similar moment watching Erin dance with her dad.  Envisioning himself dancing with Sarah one day was just too much! Press the pause button...and quick! 

So happy for those two!

A sweet toast from Erin's dad before they cut the cakes. 

Jim and I hadn't two-stepped  in quite some time! Too fun!

Love my seesters! 

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  1. Great pics Katherine! Finally a pic of all 8 littles, even if Joseph's mouth is full,of grapes! Precious moments and visions of the future!