Wednesday, October 24, 2012

End of Season

Jacob recently wrapped up his fall season of baseball. Their record was 4-5. Four wins and five losses. They won their last game so they ended the season with a bang. Here are a few pictures from his last game.

Batter up!
Strike! You can see the ball behind him.

Look at that swing. You can see the blur of the ball coming at him.

Coach Daddy pitching to Jacob. Jim usually got a little nervous pitching to him. Jacob hits well from his pitches but I think the pressure Jim felt to give him just the right pitch every time was nerve-wracking for him. He did strike him out a few times and you better believe Jim heard an ear full from Jacob! LOL!

Some action in the outfield.


Jacob's games were 75 minutes long so Luke and Sarah definitely had to find ways to entertain themselves. And rolling down the hill was one! :)

And playing with someone's little dog was another. 
And finding another two year old to run around with was yet another.

And running and trying to play on the playground was another.  I usually took Luke and Sarah over to play before the game started so they could have some play time. 

Velma came to his last game. So sweet!

After game snack time!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We made the drive over to Flower Mound this weekend for our annual pumpkin patch fun.  It was a beautiful day to be outside and the kids had a great time. The pumpkin patch is one of my favorite family outings for sure! Some good 'ole family fun, if you ask me!

(*warning*- LOTS of pictures below- you know I can't help myself at the pumpkin patch- :-)

Such a sweet, protective big brother!

So big!

Sweet boy. He insisted he wear his socks pulled up. Love him!

Not too far behind!

Sweet babies!

One of the few pictures I have of Sarah actually smiling! She really wasn't in the mood to be cooperative with the camera that day. I'll take what I can get with my two year old. :)

Two of our favorite characters!

They love their Scooby-Doo!

I love that she is holding Strawberry Shortcake's hand, without even knowing it. 

Jacob HAS to have a spike in his hair these days. He cracks me up. When I asked him why he liked having a spike these days he said, "Because it's so COOL!" And let me tell you I have to get the spike just right. It needs to look "like a wave". Which to Jacob, means you spike the front up tall then push it forward. Can you say BIG BOY!

Sweet boy!

Sweet bros!

They've been calling each other "bro" these days. "Hey bro, let's do this." "Ok bro." So funny!

Sno-cone break.

Tractor ride

They love the bounce houses. 

Luke and Sarah jumping.

Love my babies!

Got that smile!
Can you tell who took this one?

A look back...