Sunday, October 7, 2012

September in review

Here are the random Iphone pictures I collected from September.

The boys had their first weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's- They were so so excited for the weekend. I met my Dad in Canton Friday after school and the boys were so excited to ride in Grandpa's truck back to their house.

You know Jacob can't take a picture without having a silly one taken as well. Whatever works! Grandpa happily played along! :-)

They were so excited to pack their "Going to Grandma's" suitcase. In fact, I sent Jacob back to get dressed for school that morning and when I went back to his room about five minutes later he and Luke had picked out all their clothes etc that they were planning to take for the weekend. Excitement was in the air. 

While the boys were gone, we enjoyed our time with little Miss. She looked for the boys both mornings and we had to remind her that they were gone. It was amazing how much Jim and I got accomplished that weekend with just one in tow. 

I think Sarah enjoyed her one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy as well. The boys had a wonderful weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. And in fact, Jacob cried when leaving Grandma. He had already asked her if they could go back the very next weekend and stay longer than just two nights! 

Jacob is playing fall baseball and is on the same team as last season, the Cubs. He loves, loves, loves his baseball! Jim is one of the coaches so it's been a fun season for the two of them. 

The first game of the season, his teacher Ms. Lewis game to watch his game. Isn't that so sweet? She apparently made the rounds that weekend and went to the little football games and saw the players and cheerleaders from her class as well. Such a supportive teacher!

Apparently sitting on the treadmill is a favorite coloring spot for Luke and Sarah. And with sunglasses!

Cool dude!

I had lunch with Jacob the Friday of the first week of school now that he's a big first grader on campus!

When I check on the boys before I go to bed, I have been finding Luke in some funny positions. I mean...the shirt, the pillows, the sheet, the quilt. Nothing about this looks comfortable to me. Tired boy!

There's a new park in town, Windmill park. For a small donation, you could help fund the park. And as a thank you, your family name was on one of the posts. They were excited to find our name. 

When the kids are having a TV break, I often find them all cuddled up together. Look at Jacob and Sarah holding hands and Jacob's arm over Luke's leg. They really CAN get along! Sweetness!  

Jacob has lost five teeth now and is so excited! Although the tooth fairy forgot about this last one. Oops! She brought an extra .50 the next night for the delay! LOL!

Sarah and I recently went to Target to look at the kid's shoes and she went straight to the pink boots. She put them on and didn't want to take them off. I got her to take them off so we could pay for them, then we made a stop by the customer service desk to borrow their scissors to cut the tags off. Even though it was about 90 that day, she was proudly wearing her boots. 
I've been trying to have Sarah sit on the little potty before bath time. The first time I did it, I told her to push and she actually pooped and peed. She hasn't done it since but we were excited that first time! :)

Happy Fall ya'll!


  1. We had a blast with the boys for the weekend and next time hope to have sweet Sarah too. Can't say how very special they are to us! Every picture is so sweet and the one watching tv all snuggled, well it just says it all!

  2. What a fun September! That picture of Luke sleeping in his bed made me laugh! Love Sarah's little style with her boots and Jacob is so cute with his baseball uniform and snaggletooth grin! Love you all & miss you bunches!

  3. I completely relate to your busy month! What would we do without iPhone pics to document our lives these days?!

    I just LOVE all the updates. It really gives me a snapshot into your busy fall. So neat that your boys were able to have a special weekend with your parents, and I can't believe it's time for fall baseball already! Such fun for the whole family. And can I just say, Jacob is SO lucky to have such a sweet teacher to come out and support his team. That is Awesome!!

    I am really missing you guys! I feel so out of touch because life is just too crazy these days. Here's hoping things slow down and we can catch up soon!

  4. Love your September catch-up. Looks like you all have kicked off your fall school season with much fun. I have no doubt Alex would have been just like Jacob and Luke if he was spending the weekend with his Noni and Pop Pop. I'll have to tell Jerry how much Jacob loves his baseball - he will be so excited! His playing and Jim's coaching are a perfect pair, match made in heaven. Love to your three cuddle bugs! Oh, and tell Sarah that her Aunt Amanda LOVES those pink boots! Hope I get to see her in them come December!!

  5. What a fun month! The new park looks really nice. We'll have to go one day. Sarah is growing up way too fast and it's obvious the boys adore her. Love the picture of the kids snuggling!