Monday, October 15, 2012

Jacob's 7th Birthday

Our baby boy is SEVEN!!! Seven. Is it just me or does the age seven sound 'big boy' to anyone else? Seven. How did that happen? Seriously?

In lieu of a birthday party with friends this year, we opted for a weekend celebrating at the Great Wolf Lodge. We had a great time and the kids had a blast!


These two had a blast, even in the little kid part of the park. 

What's not to love about this place?

Luke and Sarah spent most of their time on these slides. 

Sweet boy!

Yes, this is Sarah going down the slide on her side. I was nervous the first time she wanted to go down this one. "Bue one, bue one" she would say. I walked with her to the top and was trying to help her sit down so she could get going. However, she kept pushing me away. And as soon as I stepped back, she sat down by herself and off she went. Jim was at the end to catch her and she was all smiles. This was the first of many times down that slide.  And I say it again, NO. FEAR. She's going to make me gray before I'm forty, I tell ya!

Around dinner time we headed up to the rooms for baths while Jim, my Dad and Oscar ran out to pick up BBQ for dinner so we could have a little party in the room. Jacob requested a sign for the hotel room door.

Six clean, hungry, ready-to-party kiddos. 

And off they go. Kristina's room was down the hall so the kids loved running back and forth. It's a good thing this place is full of kids and they weren't the only ones running crazy! 

Sweet girls!

Jacob holding a picture of himself from the day he was born. Sniff. Sniff.

Our room had bunk beds for the kids. They were in heaven. We let Jacob get the top bunk for the night since it was his birthday. 

Once dinner arrived, the boys ate in the bunk area. 

His very own Rangers shirt. It happens to match one that Jim got for his birthday as well. 

For as long as I can remember we got birthday spankings from my parents on our birthdays. The number of spanks for the number of years and always a pinch-to-grow-an-inch. So, since my parents were there you better believe Jacob got his share of birthday spankings that night! And he loved it!

Jacob requested a cookie cake instead of a cake so I happily ordered it from Paradise Bakery.! 

Make a wish!

After we got the kids down, Mom and Oscar stayed behind with the kiddos and the rest of us headed down for a drink. Fun!

Before we left for Great Wolf, we celebrated Jim's birthday with my family. His 40th birthday I might add! The kids are taking Daddy a gift they made. 

I took the kids to a pottery place, Color Me Mine and they (and I helped) painted him a Texas Rangers mug. 

Love this picture!

Rangers buddies!
These are the pictures that I took when the kids were painting the mug for Jim. I tried to keep Sarah on the other side of the table.  She was happy to paint the paper on the table when she wasn't trying to help. Oy!


  1. Yes, I completely relate to your feelings about Jacob... how in the heck can he be 7 already?! I'll never forget his arrival. He was the first of many precious babies in our group and has paved the way for all the rest, so he will always hold such a special place in our hearts! Here's to a lucky 7th year for your sweet boy!!

    And...I just love the way he chose to celebrate this year! I'm always so impressed at how your family is able to get together so often for the big events, and you all continue to make such wonderful memories together! I know this is a birthday Jacob won't soon forget. So glad you had such a wonderful weekend of celebration!

  2. The pictures look so fun - I'm so sad we couldn't be there! I'm happy he had such a fun time for his birthday! And Jim too - what sweet gifts from his kiddos. That pic of him and the kids is precious!

  3. Yes, girl! Seven sounds old to me, too! So hard to believe that it has flown by so quickly. Lauri's right, he was the first of many in our little crew, and he most definitely has a special place in our hearts. A cold front blew through here on his birthday, and it took me back to the night he was born. =) Sweet, sweet memories.

    Great Wolf Lodge - what a fantastic celebration! Oh, and I love the spankings. I had completely forgotten about that tradition until you wrote that! LOL!

    Happy birthday to both Jim and Jacob - the two Rangers buddies. Too cute!

    PS - I feel certain that Sarah and Roo could be best buds. He would be hot on her heels to keep up. Keeps me on my toes - I know how you feel!