Monday, August 30, 2010

Our little Catholic baby

August 29, 2010, Sarah was officially baptized into the Catholic church. And so begins her life long faith journey with Christ. We are looking forward to leading her and teaching her about our faith and the love of Christ.

Her baptism was a very special celebration for us all. We started the day with a catered Italian lunch and cake at our home.

We enjoyed the company of our families, friends and lots of kiddos.

We then had a nice ceremony at our church which Sarah managed to sleep through. :)

Mark and Jane Seifer are Sarah's godparents. Mark is like a brother to Jim and have been friends since high school.

The gown that Sarah wore was also the same gown that I wore when I was baptized 34 years ago. How special and meaningful to be able to share that with my baby girl!

I bought Sarah a little bracelet with a cross--hopefully something she can then pass down to her daughter.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Special Visitors

My dear friend, Lauri and her two kids came to visit us this past week. Her husband was traveling for work and she decided to make the trip from Houston to Dallas for a visit. And I'm SO glad she did. We had a great visit and the kids had a great time playing together. Her little boy Connor is 4 and Kaitlynn is 14 months. Jacob and Connor played so well together and Luke and Kaitlynn tagged along.

Lauri was a huge help to me...preparing dinner, cleaning the kitchen, straighting the house up and the list goes on. But the best thing she did was take all 4 kids to the mall to get them out of the house, play at the play area and eat lunch. And not just once but twice! Can you say, SUPERMOM LAURI! That was a huge help just giving the kids a fun activity while allowing Sarah and I some time together. Our friend Dana and her family also came over for a visit while Lauri was in town. Sadly, we didn't get a picture of all 7 kids together. I'm sure that would have been impossible even if we tried.

Thank you again Lauri for making the long trip here, for helping me around the house and for entertaining the kids as you did! You have no idea how much I enjoyed your visit here. It was perfect timing and I'm so thankful for our time together! Love you!

Lauri getting some baby cuddles!

Kaitlynn checking Sarah out

Sweet kiddos-Connor, Kaitlynn, Luke, Jacob and Sarah

The Dads holding the babies while the Moms got to eat dinner

Friday, August 27, 2010

My new prop

Mom, I know I am having more and more awake time and I'm loving my new prop

Umm, should I be scared of all these flashing lights and musical tunes?

Maybe if I don't look directly at them, it won't be too much

Oh and I just love how interested my brothers are in me and my new activities

And I love their sweet kisses

Way to smile at the camera Luke

Ok, I think I'm liking this bouncy seat thing!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I realized I haven't posted any recent pictures so I thought I should take advantage while Sarah is napping. Things are going well here. We are settling in and adjusting to our new family/life. This past weekend was the first weekend where it was just the 5 of us. We had a great weekend and actually got out quite a bit.

Saturday morning, Jim took the boys to a North Texas football scrimmage game in Denton. Meanwhile, Sarah and I got to sleep in a little bit and then made our first outing to Target. It took us awhile. I had to feed her in the car before we went in but then she slept the entire time which was the goal. I spent over an hour in Target. I could tell it had been awhile since I had been out! :) Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of our outing but it was a good one!

Later that afternoon, we headed out all together to get the boys some new shoes for school. Jacob starts Monday, Aug 30 and Luke starts Wednesday, Sept 1. We ran a few more errands and then grabbed dinner out. Let's just say, it was quite the outing and we were pooped once we got home. Sunday, for the first time Sarah and I joined the boys for Mass. It was great to be back. We sat in the back, hoping to avoid as many people/germs as we could. Luckily Sarah slept the entire time and I kept her covered up in the stroller so hopefully we minimized the germ exposure. Yes, I have turned into quite the germaphobe since having kids! :)

At Sarah's 2 week well check, the doctor said we could do tummy time since her cord had fallen off. My initial thought was 2 weeks seems a little early to be doing tummy time but I'm no doctor. So, here is Sarah's first time on her tummy. Needless to say, we haven't done it since! ha!

Resting those neck muscles

The boys loved watching her in her new activity.

She has some good awake time in the morning. Here she is all stretched out on the boppy!

The boys keeping themselves entertained

Fast asleep in her chair

There is nothing more angelic than a sleeping baby

Go KU!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 week check up

I took Sarah for her 2 week well check this morning and as her new pediatrician said "she is perfect" and her development/growth is "awesome"! Perfect and awesome, I couldn't agree more! :)

She weighed 8lbs 3oz (up from 7lbs 2oz from birth) which is in the 50th%. Her length is 20.5- 70th% and her head measurement was in the 25th%. He said she is still looking yellow but didn't test her level b/c he said she didn't look bad. He said she could look yellow for another month or so. Such a relief the jaundice is resolving itself.

I noticed some yellow drainage from her right eye this morning and he said it was probably a clogged tear duct and to apply a warm compress to help open it back up. Again, nothing serious! Thank God for a healthy baby girl!

We were at the mall a few months back and were in The Children's Place and Jacob decided he wanted to pick out an outfit for Sarah. I thought it was so sweet so I let him. The little dress she has on here is the one he chose for her. Sweet brother!

Tomorrow, Thursday Jim goes back to work and all my help has come and gone. A big thank you to my mom, sister Kristina and Jim who have taken time out of their schedules to come help out during these first few weeks! I am so grateful for having help for so long. Tomorrow will be our first day of reality. While I hate to see Jim go back to work, I am some what looking forward to getting into a routine with the kids--all 3 of them!! *sigh*--wish me luck!