Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 week check up

I took Sarah for her 2 week well check this morning and as her new pediatrician said "she is perfect" and her development/growth is "awesome"! Perfect and awesome, I couldn't agree more! :)

She weighed 8lbs 3oz (up from 7lbs 2oz from birth) which is in the 50th%. Her length is 20.5- 70th% and her head measurement was in the 25th%. He said she is still looking yellow but didn't test her level b/c he said she didn't look bad. He said she could look yellow for another month or so. Such a relief the jaundice is resolving itself.

I noticed some yellow drainage from her right eye this morning and he said it was probably a clogged tear duct and to apply a warm compress to help open it back up. Again, nothing serious! Thank God for a healthy baby girl!

We were at the mall a few months back and were in The Children's Place and Jacob decided he wanted to pick out an outfit for Sarah. I thought it was so sweet so I let him. The little dress she has on here is the one he chose for her. Sweet brother!

Tomorrow, Thursday Jim goes back to work and all my help has come and gone. A big thank you to my mom, sister Kristina and Jim who have taken time out of their schedules to come help out during these first few weeks! I am so grateful for having help for so long. Tomorrow will be our first day of reality. While I hate to see Jim go back to work, I am some what looking forward to getting into a routine with the kids--all 3 of them!! *sigh*--wish me luck!


  1. Oh, Katherine... perfect and amazing... and perfect and amazing... again and again! She is so sweet. I love the picture of her and your mom... And, she looks like a little angel sleeping... God is good.

  2. Girl, I totally understand your feelings about getting into a routine but being nervous at the same time. I've said it before and I'll say it again...if anyone can do it, YOU can!!

    Jacob is such a sweet big brother, no surprise there! Little Sarah is just precious in her dresses and bows - love it! She looks so beautiful and content. And I agree with the doctor's assessment - perfect and awesome! Oh, and Kaitlynn had the same clogged tear duct. It drained on and off for about 4 months or so.

    Keep me posted on your new routine. Hang in there - I know you'll do great!

  3. The picture of Sarah and your mom is one of my favorites you've ever posted. Beautiful.

    I'm glad to hear the checkup went well and that you got a "perfect and amazing" report from the doctor. She is indeed perfect and amazing. Please give her hugs and kisses from her Aunt Amanda.

    Good luck getting into your routine. You'll get the hang of the new normal in no time. I love you.

  4. Jacob did so good with the little outfit he picked out! :) Great news she got such a good check up - she is off to a great start!

    Love you all!

  5. So glad she's doing so well. She continues to get cuter by the day. Ryan is anxious to see his little friend soon...

  6. I can't wait to meet her! She IS absolutely perfect!