Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sarah Katherine Webb

12:35pm on August 2, 2010 our life's were once again blessed beyond measure and changed forever. Our beautiful daughter, Sarah Katherine entered this world and we all have been touched. She has already been such a blessing to us and it's amazing the amount of intense love that fills my heart. As soon as they laid her on my belly and she took her first breath, it was love at first sight. Isn't it amazing how God fills your heart with so much love to give? It still amazes me even after my third child.

I have so much I want to blog about her birth etc but finding the time right now is so hard. But I do want to share a few (ok a lot) special pictures from her birth day and the several days following.

One last belly pic

During labor

Right after birth, cleaning her up

Back in mommy's arms

Proud Daddy

Doting grandparents

She was so alert right after birth and just looked at me, such a sweet moment

Our new addition. And I have to say Jim was the best coach throughout the labor and delivery. He never left my side and was such a strong support for me.

The boys meet Sarah

Showing off their Big Brother shirts

Another set of doting grandparents

The Paniagua cousins meet Sarah

She came out rooting and ready to eat! She has been a great nurser which is a huge blessing!

After her first nursery visit

Such a sweet little face

After one of her visits to the nursery for a check up, they brought her back with this pink bow. So sweet!

The boys have been AWESOME with her. So doting and gentle. I was concerned about Luke but he has been so interested and keeps pointing to my belly and says "Baby out". So he gets it and has made the connection. So heartwarming to see their interest in her.

With her Aunt Kristina

Dressed and ready to go home

The car seat seems to swallow her

First family pic at home

Mommy and baby

Admiring the decorations that the kids made for us.

Yard sign

First bath- 4 days old. Jacob loved helping

She liked it when I washed her head

I think she feel asleep while I washed her

Getting some window light therapy, trying to get the jaundice levels to come down

Luke loves holding her. But after about a minute he's all done.

Jacob is so sweet with her and just adores her

I will try to update again soon. You know there are so many more pictures to post and so much I want to say. :)


  1. Not sure what happened to my last comment so I'll try again...

    I'm so excited that Sarah has made her arrival and that you are all settling in at home. I love to see how the boys have taken to her. She is just beautiful and perfect, no surprise there!! It's definitely a change to see you with a baby in pink, ha ha! I hope you are getting some much-needed rest and be sure to keep us posted on the jaundice.

  2. This is so beautiful girl - what a blessing indeed! It was so great to see so many pictures and I can't wait to meet her in person. She is so sweet and beautiful! I'm glad the boys have done so well with her - they are such great brothers!

    Love you!!
    Aunt Kyla :)

  3. Each day since Sarah's arrival, I have logged on to see if you had posted any pics. Needless to say I have been in heaven getting to scroll through and look at that precious baby girl. Katherine, she is beautiful - a blessing indeed. I know you must be glad to be back home and settling in. I look forward to more updates, in your spare time, of course. =)

  4. Oh, this post made me smile SO much! She is just precious and I love how she adds so beautifully to your family. What amazes me is how God can take you from the feelings of oh my goodness...what are we doing having a 3rd child to...oh my goodness what would we have done without her! It is fun to see you with a little pink bundle! How special and sweet. Can't wait to hold her again soon...

  5. Oh, Katherine, she is so beautiful. You are so right about being a blessing beyond measure... and I can't even begin to express the amazement I have for the amount of love you can feel... and that keeps on going to grandchildren, too... amazing... God.