Sunday, August 15, 2010

More pictures

Our sweet Sarah will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. It seems just like yesterday that my water broke and we were headed to the hospital. These first few weeks always fly by. I guess with all the adjustments, recovery and fatigue, the first weeks are always a blur and go by in such a hurry. I'm really trying to cherish these newborn days. These days are just so special to me!

I took Sarah back to the doctor this past Friday to get her jaundice level checked again. Her coloring still seemed a bit yellow to me, although I didn't think she had gotten worse, just that she wasn't improving much. When she was 4 days old her jaundice level was 15.3 and when I took her back on day 11, her level was 14. The nurse said it should have been more around 11 or 12 but to just keep doing what we are doing for the treatment. Which is lots of feedings so she can pass the billirubin through her urine and stool and lay her by the windows for the indirect sunlight.

We also had her weight checked on Friday. Her birth weight was 7 lb 2 oz. Day 4 she was back up to 7lb even. Day 11, I am happy to report her weight was 7 lb 12 oz!! We are thrilled she is eating so well and gaining weight. It's such a change from the poor eaters that Jacob and Luke were in the beginning. It took Jacob 2 weeks to gain back his birth weight and Luke 3 weeks to get back to his birth weight. So the fact that Sarah has well surpassed her birth weight in less than 2 weeks is music to our ears! We feel so blessed that we aren't having the eating problems that Jacob and Luke both had. She has latched on from the beginning very well and is a pretty efficient eater. I continue to thank God for this blessing!

I take Sarah for her 2 week well check on Wednesday so I will have another report then! Until then, here are a few recent pictures...


  1. Sarah is simply beautiful, Katherine. Just like her mom. So glad she is thriving away! What a wonderful, wonderful blessing she is!

  2. I just LOVE all the new pictures! She is such a doll, Katherine! And of course I love her hairbows -- definitely a must for the baby girls! I am so glad to hear the feedings are still going so great and that her jaundice is getting better. What a blessing not to worry about those things, since I know the eating was a big issue with the boys. Keep the pics coming, and I hope you're getting some rest these days!!

  3. Oh, Katherine. She is beautiful. I mean it. Just beautiful.

    I'm glad she's continuing to eat well and that the jaundice seems to be clearing up without having to use the bilirubin blanket. I LOVE seeing all of these pictures and the pink everywhere. What a change from years of blue!

    Love you all!

  4. Oh she is too precious! What a sweet baby girl! I'm glad she is eating so good - what a relief for sure! Love you!

  5. She keeps getting cuter and cuter and more girlish. I LOVE the big bows and PINK!