Friday, August 27, 2010

My new prop

Mom, I know I am having more and more awake time and I'm loving my new prop

Umm, should I be scared of all these flashing lights and musical tunes?

Maybe if I don't look directly at them, it won't be too much

Oh and I just love how interested my brothers are in me and my new activities

And I love their sweet kisses

Way to smile at the camera Luke

Ok, I think I'm liking this bouncy seat thing!!


  1. Pure HEAVEN! Katherine, they are just too precious!

  2. Aww, little Sarah-bear! That's great she's liking her new swing so much! How fun that she is having more and more awake time! I can't get over how long her little fingers are! Just like you and Grandma Eckel huh? :) Love you!

  3. Yay, I'm so glad you found a good spot for Sarah to enjoy! Can I just say, she looks like she has really grown just since the other day I was there!! Wow, so fast. And she looks super cute in her outfit with her big brothers looking on! Miss you guys already!

  4. she is just precious Katherine! I'm sure you all are in heaven with your sweet baby girl! enjoy it.

  5. The bouncy seat is the best! Jackson loved his so much. We still need to get ours down for Ryan. I'm glad she's enjoying her new prop and that the boys are enjoying her so much. I'm so impressed with her wide open eyes. So so sweet.