Saturday, August 28, 2010

Special Visitors

My dear friend, Lauri and her two kids came to visit us this past week. Her husband was traveling for work and she decided to make the trip from Houston to Dallas for a visit. And I'm SO glad she did. We had a great visit and the kids had a great time playing together. Her little boy Connor is 4 and Kaitlynn is 14 months. Jacob and Connor played so well together and Luke and Kaitlynn tagged along.

Lauri was a huge help to me...preparing dinner, cleaning the kitchen, straighting the house up and the list goes on. But the best thing she did was take all 4 kids to the mall to get them out of the house, play at the play area and eat lunch. And not just once but twice! Can you say, SUPERMOM LAURI! That was a huge help just giving the kids a fun activity while allowing Sarah and I some time together. Our friend Dana and her family also came over for a visit while Lauri was in town. Sadly, we didn't get a picture of all 7 kids together. I'm sure that would have been impossible even if we tried.

Thank you again Lauri for making the long trip here, for helping me around the house and for entertaining the kids as you did! You have no idea how much I enjoyed your visit here. It was perfect timing and I'm so thankful for our time together! Love you!

Lauri getting some baby cuddles!

Kaitlynn checking Sarah out

Sweet kiddos-Connor, Kaitlynn, Luke, Jacob and Sarah

The Dads holding the babies while the Moms got to eat dinner


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Lauri's visit and that you were able to have some time alone with Sarah. I know that meant a lot to you!

  2. You definitely have some very great friends! Lauri is so sweet for everything she did while she visited! What a fun time and I bet it was a blast when Dana came over with her new little one!

  3. Awesome. Friendships like that are rare and precious treasures. =) The kiddos are too cute! Lauri, you are brave! Four at a time!! Courageous and generous!

  4. What a treat! So glad that you got some one-on-one time with Sarah and a homecooked meal with Lauri's visit. =) Not to mention the comfort of a visit with an old friend. Life is sweet. Love you.

  5. We had such a blast! I would definitely not refer to myself as supermom -- that would be YOU! Ha! I am so thankful for our time together. It meant so much to catch up and have some leisurely chats while the kids rested/slept. Now that I know I can do it, I'm ready to plan our next trip!! You have a beautiful new home and gorgeous new daughter and I'm so glad I got to see both! Love you!