Monday, August 30, 2010

Our little Catholic baby

August 29, 2010, Sarah was officially baptized into the Catholic church. And so begins her life long faith journey with Christ. We are looking forward to leading her and teaching her about our faith and the love of Christ.

Her baptism was a very special celebration for us all. We started the day with a catered Italian lunch and cake at our home.

We enjoyed the company of our families, friends and lots of kiddos.

We then had a nice ceremony at our church which Sarah managed to sleep through. :)

Mark and Jane Seifer are Sarah's godparents. Mark is like a brother to Jim and have been friends since high school.

The gown that Sarah wore was also the same gown that I wore when I was baptized 34 years ago. How special and meaningful to be able to share that with my baby girl!

I bought Sarah a little bracelet with a cross--hopefully something she can then pass down to her daughter.


  1. Katherine, this post is so beautiful. Sarah is one very blessed, beautiful baby girl. You know the part about her wearing your dress and the bracelet to pass on just melt my heart... I love that kind of tradition. Having her family and friends to support and watch over her is special indeed.

  2. This post represents so much of what I love about you: your faith, the desire for your children to know and love the Lord, the traditions that you hold dear to your heart, and that every wonderful event in life deserves a celebration. Katherine, your babies will grow up with the richest of blessings because of all the love that you and Jim shower upon them. I read this post and thought, "God, You are so good to bless Jim and Katherine with these babies to love. And You are so good to bless Jacob, Luke and Sarah with these parents to care for them all the days of their lives. And You are so good to give me friends like Jim and Katherine, who I can watch and grow and learn from. Thank You for all of these wonderful gifts."

    I'm glad that Sarah's special day was so joyful. She is indeed God's extraordinary creation. And I know He has great things in store for her.

  3. Katherine, your pictures of Sarah's special day are so beautiful. What a beautiful family of 5 you have! Sarah is so lucky to have a family that will teach her about the love of Christ. There is no greater gift you can give your children.

    I absolutely love the beautiful dress and bracelet. How special that you two were baptized in the same dress. That really is so special! Thanks for sharing pictures of your special day.

  4. Ditto to everything Amanda and Dana said so eloquently! I had no idea that you still had your infant baptismal gown. What an incredible moment to cherish, seeing your daughter in the gown that you wore yourself as a baby. I am so glad Sarah had such a special day and that your family was there to celebrate with you. I especially love your family pictures - and what a beautiful family you are!!

  5. Aww, sweet little Catholic Sarah. :) What a beautiful ceremony and sweet picturs y'all got! I love those pics of her at the bottom - she looks like a little angel! I'm so happy she is the newest member of the church and pray for her as she begins this incredible journey. I so wish we could have been there!