Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school

Jacob started school this week. He will be going M/W/F from 9-2:30. Nice long day to prepare him for Kinder next year. And I have to say, he did SO well on Monday. He was actually very excited to go. A little nervous too since it is a new school, new teacher, new friends but he did great. On the way to school he says "Mom, I'm so excited my stomach is rumbling." Oh dear I thought, he's nervous or hungry or both! But somehow I was glad he thought it was because he was excited.

He walked in and was all smiles. And when I picked him up he was all smiles! I had been telling him his teacher's name over and over during the weekend so he would remember it. Mrs. Arellano isn't the easiest name to remember or pronounce. When I picked him up he said "Mrs. Arellano kept saying, Jacob can you tell everyone my name." And boy did he seem proud of that.

He LOVES the playground

Mrs. Arellano getting him started with a coloring activity

And of course I can't post this without the years past pictures...
'08-almost 3 years

'09-almost 4 years

And as for Luke, we decided not to send him this year after all. Waiting until next year when he is a little older and a little more ready gives me much peace since I was really questioning our decision to start him this year. We have been enjoying our time together so far this week. I know he loves the one-on-one and I'm trying to take advantage of that while Sarah is still sleeping so much!


  1. Good job for Jacob knowing the teacher's name - I bet he was so proud! Sweet fella! I love his little smile, he's such a happy boy. I still can't believe it's school time already!

    That's great you will have some more one on one time with Lukee until he is a little more ready to start school. That will be special time with you two and good bonding time he'll have with his little sis! :)

  2. I'm loving all the back to school pictures! I'm so glad jacob is liking it so far and I have no doubt he'll be the star student! He's the one that will be able to tell the sub exactly what to do when the teacher is away. He would have been my dream student. :-)

    Maybe we can get together on some Fridays to give Jackson and Luke some time to play together.

  3. It's hard to believe that Jacob is starting his third year of school. He's changed so much since his first 1st day. He's growing up so fast. Next thing you know, this will be a post about him starting his senior year!

    Glad that you made the decision to keep Luke home another year. You know it's the right one when you have peace about it.

  4. Jacob looks so handsome for his first day of school! I love that he was excited and was so proud about remembering his teacher's name. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Glad you are keeping Luke home with you another year... =) He'll enjoy time with you and little Sarah.

  5. Love the yearly school photos! It's so hard to believe it's his last year of preschool. Kindergarten...yikes!! I know he'll do awesome this year and it sounds like he's already carved out his role as teacher's helper (which is perfect for him, right?) I'm so glad you feel good about your decision with Luke. He'll become YOUR special helper at home!