Monday, September 6, 2010

Boy's activities

I signed the boys up for a KidoKinetics class through the Frisco Athletic Center. I was able to get them into the same class which works out great. Luke should be in the younger class but I wasn't too sure if he would do it on his own. He's gotta have big brother close by, if mommy's not! :)

This class is a great way for them to get some exercise. They apparently introduce 25 different sport activities while incorporating different physical exercises. They seemed to like it after their first class. Little Luke kept up well and they were both so cute to watch!

Warming up and stretching those muscles

Doing a bear crawl, although Luke decided to crawl on all 4's.

Getting ready to hop like a frog...Luke wasn't too sure about this one

They did a little obstacle course one by one and little Luke was too cute. I just had to laugh, he was trying so hard to do it all!

One of our neighbors told me about a little Soccer Tot program in Prosper. Jacob has been asking to play soccer so this is the perfect class for him to learn the basic skills. It's from ages 2-5 so Luke is doing it with him.

They played and ran hard and both enjoyed it. So I think we will keep trying this and see how it goes!

And I just had to post this sweet picture of Sarah.

Ok, one more


  1. Those activities look like so much fun for the boys - and even more fun that they get to do them together! The return of fall brings full schedules, doesn't it? So glad that you all are getting your routines going. And Sarah is cute as a button. Can't wait to see her soon!

  2. It looks like the boys are having fun. I need to get Jackson signed up for something like that to help get rid of some energy!!! LOVE the big bow on Sarah. It's perfect!

  3. Oh what fun! I know you and the boys are all so excited about such exciting fall activities. It's so perfect that Jacob and Luke can participate together -- not to mention, so much more convenient for you! I hope they continue to enjoy it. And of course, you know I am loving Miss Sarah's sweet bows! There's just nothing like showing off your little princess with her fashion accessories!! :-)