Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Outing

I have been meaning to post this for awhile. The first week I was by myself with the kids, we had our first outing where a shopping cart was involved, with all 3 kids. And let's just say it will be the last. Kidding, of course. But it was NOT easy.

First of all, Luke was NOT happy that Jacob had to sit in the back with him. Usually one gets the front and the other get the back. But now that Sarah gets the front, they are going to have to share the back. And Luke is still learning what the word "share" means! ha! So I thought ok, let's see how we can make this work. So the first stop was the deli counter where I got the boys their favorite, an ICEE. And you better believe I got myself a Diet Coke to get myself through the shopping trip. :)

And if you are looking at this picture like I looked at the shopping cart that day, I'm sure you are thinking where on earth do the groceries go? Let's just say, we got creative with the space and it wasn't easy!

Thankfully Sarah slept the entire time or else it would have really been interesting.

After an hour plus in Target, Luke wanting in and out of the shopping cart, Luke wanting to be carried, Jacob having to go to the bathroom, mommy being scattered and having to back track several times to get things she forgot, checking out and the boys asking over and over if they could get some candy...whew...we finally made it out! It was quite the adventure and you can bet I will be making this kind of trip when Jacob is in school and I only have 2 kids with me instead of 3! ha!

We also had another first outing, around the block. We were taking advantage of the cooler temps one afternoon and went out for a walk! It was a lot of work but nice to be outside for a change!


  1. Oh, Katherine, I am cracking up! Yes, I can completely relate although I only have 2 and not 3!! But your shopping trip sounds like many of mine when I have both kids, I'm completely distracted and disorganized, and I end up leaving wondering why I even attempted the trip. Kudos to you for getting out with all 3 kiddos and managing so well to even get all your shopping done. First outing down, countless more to go, haha! :-)

  2. Girl, you are brave! I'm so impressed. Though I've always known you were super mom! You've motivated me to get out with both boys soon. I've made one outing to the library but I'm not sure I'm ready to attempt the grocery store yet.

  3. I got stressed out for you reading this post. You are BRAVE for making your first outing a grocery store trip! And you have some serious stamina for making it for more than an hour in Target with three kiddos in tow. If I were in your shoes, that diet Coke would have needed a refill. But then that would have meant an additional stop to the bathroom, and, well, on second thought...better just keep it at one and call it good. I'm impressed you kept back-tracking. I would have packed it up and called it a day and headed back to the store after all the kids were bedded down for the night! You go girl! I'm so proud of you for hanging tough!

  4. YOU are a super mom! I got stressed just reading about your shopping experience!

  5. Katherine, you are an awesome mom. I was feeling lots of empathy for Dana with two... then, to think of three! I love that the boys are in their exercise class! They are so very cute! LOL! Precious little Sarah is growing like a weed! Precious blessings all.