Friday, September 3, 2010

Sarah's sweet smiles

I was able to capture a few of Sarah's sweet smiles, on my Iphone of course! I took her for her 4 week well check and while we were waiting for the doctor to come in, I captured this...Jacob was tickling her bare belly...

I mean, really, doesn't this just make you smile! She was trying so hard to coordinate those muscles into a smile!

Jacob was so excited he made her smile! I had noticed a few smaller smiles last week and was hoping they were real smiles and she meant to do it. However, there was no question that these were real! :)

And speaking of her well check- she got another good check up. Let me just say that baby girl can EAT! I was surprised at her weight, pleasantly surprised I might add. For a little comparison, at 4 weeks Jacob weighed 8.2 and Luke was 7.8. And baby girl...drum roll please...weighed 9.10!!! Yes, that's right! She weighed 7.2 at birth and in 4 short weeks gained over 2.5 pounds! WOW! She is in the 70% for her weight and 90% for her height! I guess that's why she doesn't look chubby now, she has lots of length to carry that baby fat! :)

It's no wonder the newborn size diapers and newborn size onesies like this one don't fit anymore!

While I am thrilled for her growth and development, I don't want my baby to get too big too fast! I know you all understand this! :)


  1. Oh girl, you know I COMPLETELY understand! I hate that it goes so fast. I look back on newborn pics with such nostalgia!

    There is just nothing like those first precious smiles! And it seems quite telling that Jacob was the one to get them from her...he'll be holding on to that for a while! To this day, Connor is so proud when he makes Kaitlynn laugh -- only he can do it despite the rest of us trying so hard!

    I'm not surprised Sarah is doing so great on her weight gain -- I saw how much she was eating when I was visiting, ha ha! Way to go for keeping it up, Mama! Miss you!

  2. Baby girl's not playing any games when it comes to eating! Meal time is serious business!

    Love those pics of Jacob making her smile. Priceless. Aren't those first smiles the best? I remember those - they most certainly do melt your heart.

    I'm thinking that the little "costume" I put in the mail might not fit. If not, let me know. I must come up with a plan B!

  3. Those are some sweet smiles. I bet they just melt your heart. So glad Jacob was able to be a part of that. I can't wait to see some smiles from Ryan!