Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happenings at our home

We've pretty much settled into our routine these days. Things have gotten a little easier around here. And I use the word 'easy' very loosely. lol!

A few weekends ago, Kyla and Michael came into town. They got to meet Sarah for the first time.

We had a great weekend all together and I'm so thankful for our time together.

Sarah took her first road trip to East Texas last weekend. I made sure I fed her right before we left and thankfully she slept the entire way there and back. Here is a sweet picture of Sarah and Grandma from the weekend...

We were driving down our street the other day on the way to school and I noticed a garage sale and something caught my eye. I immediately circled back around and asked the lady how much she wanted for the Cozy Coupe since there was no price on it. She said "Oh I don't know, a dollar or two." Seriously! The best $2 I've ever spent...the boys love it! And I know Sarah will too one day. And yes we were a little late to school but it was worth it! haha!

Luke is still just as sweet as ever with Sarah. He loves being near her and loves helping mommy.

We are still getting lots of smiles from Sarah.

We built this with Jacob's "Connectogons" and when we were done he says "This looks like something electricity could come from". I didn't look at it quite like that but I like the way he thinks! :)

Since Sarah will be 8 weeks on Monday I thought it would be fun to compare the boy's looks from when they were 8 weeks. Here is Luke.

And Jacob. Yes this is Jacob, not Sarah! :)


  1. I just finished emailing you to see what you'd been up to, and now I know! I love all the pictures so much. The one with Sarah and your Mom is PRECIOUS -- that smile, oh my!! She is really filling out more now and I just love all her smiles. And I love the comparison photos. I definitely see the resemblance between Jacob and Sarah!

    Also, I love the Cozy Coupe! Here is a story for you: Connor got one of those a few years ago that looks like a police car. I figured he had outgrown it so I got it out of storage to sell it at a garage sale. But when he saw it, he begged me not to sell it and started playing with it all the time in our cul-de-sac. All the neighborhood kids, some as old as 8 and 9, saw Connor using it and started playing with it and it became the most popular toy that everyone fought over everytime we were outside. And NOW, Kaitlynn loved playing with it so much in the garage that I brought it inside and she plays with it all the time. Best toy ever!! So yes, you got yourself a bargain with that Cozy Coupe!! :-)

  2. So glad you enjoyed a family visit!! Nothing better! Katherine, all of the photos are wonderful... my favorite is the one where Luke and Sarah are lying beside and facing one another. Sweet! Jacob's "lightening" creation is most interesting! Love his thinking! Just love it!

  3. What fun pics girl! It was so fun seeing little Sarah and getting to cuddle her tons! :) It's so fun that she is getting so smiley!

    So glad you guys are getting into your new routine and that the boys are still adoring their sweet little sister!

  4. I may have to come back and make a second comment because right now I can't get past the fact that you got that Cozy Coupe for $2. $2!!!! That's a steal. Seriously! Oh my gosh - that was sooooooo worth a few minutes of tardiness at school. You'll have that thing for years to come. They'll be able to drive it till the wheels come off!

    Ok, moving on. =) I'm glad you had such a great visit with family. I bet Kyla didn't want to put baby Sarah down for one second. Just soakin' up all that sweet lovin'.

    Sarah is so alert and clearly giving smiles all the time. I know those smiles help when the days are long. =) Can't wait to see you next month!

  5. The picture of Sarah and your mom is awesome. I'm a little jealous of the smiles she's giving you guys. Ryan is being a little stingy right now. So glad you got to be with both sisters. I bet that was great. And the cozy coupe - you go girl with that bargain!

  6. Love love the smile pics of Sarah! She's gettin some sweet chubby cheeks! Can't wait to love and squeeze on her here in a couple of weeks! I bet the boys love their car! And I'm with Amanda , $2? Really? That's a random amount-cheapskates! Loves! Kristina

  7. Ok this crazy phone in that it thinks it can read my mind, I typed cheaps, not cheapskates !