Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring Break Sea World trip

During Spring Break this year, we decided to take the kids to Sea World in San Antonio for the first time. We thought they would enjoy the animals as well as The Alamo and riverwalk. Kyla and her family ended up meeting us there since they hadn't been either with the kids. We had a great time and the kids really seemed to enjoy it all. Oh and I guess San Antonio was the place to be over Spring Break-- I ran into our neighbor on the riverwalk, an old co-worker from Southwest Airlines on the riverwalk, the same neighbor at Sea World the next day and a friend from church at Sea World. Small world!

Sarah arranged her blanket just right for her nap on the car ride down! Love our little princess!

When we arrived in San Antonio, we toured The Alamo first. 

They loved the canons. 

On the riverwalk!

We took the riverboat ride. 

Being silly while waiting for the Zajiceks to arrive. 

We had a yummy dinner that night. Mexican of course. 

Group pic

We got ice cream later that night. Why-oh-why must my kids choose the ONE ice cream that is rainbow colored. Oh the artificial coloring--eek!

We headed back over to The Alamo for some family shots. 

And a cousin pic. 

That's a little better. 

The next morning we headed to Sea World. 

Sweet cousins!


Watching the dolphins up-close. 

Posing in front of the Sea Lions. 

Waiting for the Shamu show. 

The shows were all great!
Our little shark lover had been awaiting the shark exhibit all day! He was in heaven. I told him I would take lots of pictures for him! :)

And yes those are Luke's arms reaching out to them. Haha!

Once we got back to the hotel, the kids were dying to go swimming in the indoor pool at our hotel. So we went for a little late night swim. 

Andrew and Joseph joined us too. 

Then it was time for a little bedtime snack, with Shamu of course! 

March Misc

Ice/snow in March--ugh--worst winter ever!!!!

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with King Cake and ice cream. 

Got a call from the nurse one day with both boys in the nurse's office. As soon as I showed up they were both laying down and as soon as Luke sat up he had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Poor baby! 

Admiring the boy's work at Open House which is the week before Spring Break. 

We signed the boys up for tennis lessons March-May. It has really helped their hand-eye coordination and they loved it. 

During March Madness when the Jayhawks played, the boys gathered all their Jayhawk gear, put on their Jayhawk clothes, all to surprise Jim when he got home from work in anticipation of the game. 

At Jacob's 1st Communion learning centers. They had six centers that we rotated through which was a mandatory step in his 1st communion preparation. 

After we finished we went to Chili's to continue our mommy/Jacob day. 

Sarah and her little friend Lauren are in the same preschool class and love having play dates together. 

Such sweet friends. 

Sarah and Jillian (our neighbor) watching Frozen!

Having a popcorn snack while watching Frozen.