Thursday, May 29, 2014

Science Fair Project

Back in February, Jacob came home with a packet of information on the annual science fair project. It is not required in 2nd grade but you can participate if you choose. He was ALL about this! I'm still amazed at his drive and motivation! He loves a good challenge and his determination to try new things is so admirable.

We ended up partnering with his friend in his class, Drew. Jacob had his mind set on either a volcano that erupts or a rocket that shoots off. Such a boy! After discussing this with Drew, they decided on a volcano. His mom and I did some research online and Pinterest of course and came up with a plan. I was somewhat dreading this project because I knew a lot of the work would fall on mine and Sacia's shoulders. But Jacob's excitement kept me going. And honestly once Sacia and I gathered the needed materials, we really let the boys do the work. At this point it was hard to let go of some of that control. You know how it is...wanting to do it for them so it looks just "perfect". But we took a step back and let the boys take control. And they had such fun and did a great job! So proud of you Jacob for your desire to do this and your excitement to get it done!

Jacob and Drew forming their volcano. We made the play-doh, made the brown coloring and they formed it around a large water bottle.

Making the "chemical reaction"

Preparing to funnel it into the volcano.

If you look closely you can see little army men they added for an extra effect. Their goal was to try to see if the eruption would knock them down. 

It's men still standing! And they added a Lego city to see if the city would get flooded by the "lava".  Army men and Lego city won that one! :)

Here they are...recording their findings. We had to do five different explosions to see which combination of "chemicals" would produce the biggest eruption. And they recorded the result of each one. 

They then typed and printed off their official results and started forming their board.

Final product! They did such a good job!

They received a participation award and were happy with that!


  1. Look at you go girl! :)

    Ok, love this post. You captured the process so perfect! It is so cute to see Jacob so focused and excited about his little experiment...especially adding their own little Lego touches. :)

  2. Great job, Jacob!! I am super impressed with his drive on this project. Can I just say, I loathe any and all things science related! So good for you for supporting him and providing just the right amount of supervision so that the boys didn't injure themselves, ha! I'm with you on the balancing act -- it's so hard to let them do their own work sometimes, but we all end up learning more (in many ways) when we take a step back. Great job, you two!