Wednesday, May 28, 2014

January Misc

Sarah went for her 2nd haircut in January. Needed those dead ends cut off.

After the cut!

While we wait in the car pool line for school pick, Sarah likes to join me up front until the bell rings. She even has to have the seat belt on.

We bought all three kids new shoes in January. All of them went up a shoe size. Mind you we just bought new shoes in August before school started!

Gotta love a family bike ride.

Ocassionaly we let the kids fall asleep in our bed, per their request begging! Then we get the job of moving them to their beds once we go to bed!

She loves her dollhouse!

We have lots of boys on our street and they were all enamoured with one of Jacob's new Christmas toys.

Our friend Lily was in her first play, Cinderella.

Sarah got to move up to the next level in her swimming lessons. She's doing so good!

He loves his monster hat!

We went with our friends Hayden and Elise to a princess party. They were in heaven.

She loves coloring!

More ice- ugh!

Luke is having a little taste before we leave for school.

They love their Saturday morning donuts!

Sarah and I went to a birthday party at the American Girl doll store. Super fun and oh-so-girlie. Before I snapped this picture she reached over and turned her doll's head so she was looking at the camera too. Hilarious and kind of creepy at the same time! Haha!

Cheers at the kid's table!

We took the kids to see the Lego movie in 3D. Super cute movie! Luke was still cold apparently and left his jacket and hat on! Sweet boy! 

Jacob's friend, JT came with us.

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