Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Luke's 6th birthday

Luke turned 6 on January 31! SIX! Just doesn't seem possible at times! His birthday fell on a Friday this year so Jim was able to sign up as a Watch Dog Dad for the day. He went from each Kindergarten classroom and worked with different groups of kids. He got to spend extra time with Luke's class which made Luke's birthday even more special.

We all went to the assembly first thing in the morning. 

Lunch time with our birthday boy!

We always let the boys choose where they want their birthday dinner. Luke chose Jinbeh Hibachi grill. He loves this place, loves the experience of the food being cooked on your table and loves the shrimp. Kristina and kids made it in town in time to join us. 

They even brought out a ice cream sundae for him!

The next day we had his birthday party at Jump Zone. Fun day!

Group picture!

His little friend, Brendan from his class.

Cuddle with Aunt Kristina. Sarah and Annie have been the best of buds lately!
Gift time!

Happy Birthday our sweet Luke!!

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  1. Yay! I've been waiting for more blog updates! Great pics from Luke's birthday. It was such a fun party!