Friday, May 2, 2014

Jacob's 1st Reconciliation

In the Catholic church, second grade is a big year for the kids. It's the year you make your 1st Reconciliation (confession) and your 1st Holy Communion. What a blessing it is to these kids to be able to partake in these two wonderful Sacraments all in the same year. In order to prepare for 1st Communion, they first go through the preparation for their first confession. Jacob made his 1st Reconciliation on Friday, January 10. 

We are so blessed at St. Francis, we have three amazing priests. Boy are they amazing! Fr. Zach and Fr. Ivan just became ordained within the past two years and they are youthful, fun-loving and easy to relate to. Our other priest, Fr. Larry has been a priest for 40 years and has such a gentle spirit, is so wise and you can feel and see Christ's love overflowing from him through his words and actions.  

They were all three available the night of Jacob's confession and he chose Fr. Zach. He of course had the longest line but we waited it out because I wanted Jacob's first time to be just right. We had prepared quite a bit before hand and Jacob wrote his thoughts down on paper of what he wanted to confess. All in secret, of course. He had memorized the prayer which he was to say at the end and was ready to go. 

I wish I had been able to capture the smile on his face when he walked around the corner after he was done. Oh my sweet boy! He was glowing, just beaming. Just as I was hoping for. He told me when he walked in Fr. Zach gave him a high five which seemed to put him at ease. His exact words, "That was fun. I want to do it again!" Music to my ears!! We try to go once a month so we can make it a permanent routine in his Catholic faith. So proud of our sweet Jacob for handling this Sacrament with ease, confidence and an open heart. We love you!

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  1. So proud of Jacob and just get teary imagining his sweet smile when he came out of confession. Can't wait to see him receive his first communion!!