Saturday, May 3, 2014

Daddy/Son Basketball

We all know Jim is a huge sports fan. Doesn't matter the season or sport. He loves it all. He has always  looked forward to the day when the boys were big enough to enjoy a game, stay engaged and have a desire to be there. So, in early January, Jim decided he wanted to take the boys each to a basketball game. He decided on a Dallas Mavericks game with Luke. They went to Spaghetti Warehouse first for dinner and enjoyed yummy pasta, salad and of course a Sprite. While Luke was eating his salad with ranch, he exclaimed, "This is the best.salad.ever!" They had a fun night and Luke was really into the game and loved every minute of it. He still talks about that special night with Daddy!

There's the best.salad.ever!

Daddy and Luke time is so special!

Checking out the arena.

Daddy treated him to a Mavericks shirt which was the icing on the cake for Luke!

We all know Jim is a huge Kansas Jayhawk fan. And because he is, we all are now! :) Jim hasn't been to a KU home game since 2005. He was itching to go up to Lawrence and take in a game on the KU campus. So, he decided Jacob was old enough to be able to go with him and truly enjoy the experience. Boy did they have fun! They stayed with Jim's cousins who live about thirty minutes away from KU and got the added bonus of seeing lots of family. 

I dropped them off at the airport and they were on their way!

Once they got there they toured the campus and several museums dedicated to KU basketball. 

 Time for the big game!

KU won the game so it made it all worth it. They really had a great time! Jacob enjoyed every minute of it and is asking when they can go back. We decided next time Luke will be old enough to go so they will have to take turns.


  1. I'm loving all of your updates! So proud of Jacob and all he is doing at church. What neat young men they are both becoming! We are excited to celebrate Jacob with you guys next weekend.

  2. Love that Jim makes a point to do sweet things with his kids! What fun for them!