Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dallas Zoo

We recently took the kids to the Dallas Zoo. The weather had cooled off a bit so we were excited to be doing something outdoors. I had been wanting to take the kids to the zoo now that Sarah is into animals and their sounds. I just didn't want to go during the summer and deal with the heat. So, this little cool down was the perfect opportunity to go to the zoo. 

We're here!


The first stop...the penguins.

Jacob was excited he got to feed the giraffes. 

The Children's Zoo

Feeding the birds.

Luke was so brave. 

We realized the boys had never had the opportunity to ride on a horse before so we let them each have a turn. They loved it!

I agree with Jacob--ewww!

Time for an ice cream break. 

Love my little people!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Labor Day

We went out to my parent's house over Labor Day weekend and had a great time as usual. My mom had a scavenger hunt planned for the kids. She worked so hard on planning it all out and the kids had so much fun finding the clues and trying to guess where the next one was hidden. There were two teams and it was fun watching them work together to figure it all out. Here are pictures from the scavenger hunt and the rest of the weekend.

Luke viewing the scavenger hunt invitation. 

There was even a map giving clues of the hiding spots. Didn't they do a great job with all the details? So clever!

Listening to the instructions. Ready. Set. Go. 

"Sarah, I sure hope you know what to do because I'm not so sure I'm following all of this."

Carefully searching for the next clue. 

Sweet cousins.

After each team found all ten clues, the last clue led them to their treasure chests. Full of all kinds of goodies. 

Even Joseph had his very own. 

Believe it or not, Sarah climbed up the steps and went down the slide and loved every minute of it. NO fear I tell ya. No fear!

And she even went by herself! Eek!

Gabriel got an injury and Jacob never left his side. He was very concerned for his cousin. Kristina thought it might need stitches but thankfully it didn't.  At one point Jacob said, "Gabriel I see something white, I think it's your bone." We got a laugh out of that. 

Per their request, they wanted a close up of the cut! Boys!

I told Sarah to give Joseph a kiss. She takes the kisses very seriously. She's got the pucker down. Down. Joseph wasn't too into her you can see. :)
"Hey Joseph, look this way." 

"Turn your head this way Joseph. I can't kiss you if your not looking at me."
"Now just lean in. I got my pucker ready!" 

"Alright, I'll settle for a hug. I understand".

"Ok, now let's get back to playing. I'll just have to try again later."

Luke and Annie were dancing their little hearts out. 

A day at Grandma and Grandpa's always requires a rest time. Too much fun is had!

Luke preferred his own space. 

Happy boy!

Luke loves his shark hat!

The guys playing dominoes and drinking some beer!



So much space to run around! Run it out kids, run it out!

The perfect driveway for sidewalk chalk. 

"Now Sarah, show me how to drive this thing." 
She loved the hair extensions. Such a girl!
Jacob can't get enough baseball. He loves the sport. 

Team work always makes it better!

Meal time is always interesting!

A new neighborhood dog. The kids named him Playful!