Monday, September 17, 2012

Luke- Pre-K4 and Soccer Tots

Sweet Luke's little life just got a little busier. He started Pre-K4 and Soccer Tots last week and is loving every minute of it. We went to meet the teachers early last week and he was so sweet with them. Gave lots of hugs, lots of high-fives and lots of smiles.  He is in the Owls class this year. Luke goes to the preschool at our church. We are currently in the process of building a brand new church. The church grounds are full of construction vehicles, cranes etc. and lots of hard hats. So it's only appropriate that the preschool's back to school theme this year is "Under Construction- Building Great Kids". 

Luke and Sarah checking out the kitchen area. 

Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Carolyn

Mrs. Nicole

He was ready to go the first day of school. Very excited for the day ahead. I think it helped that Jacob had started 2.5 weeks earlier so by this time Luke was ready.

This year he chose a Lightning McQueen backpack and a Mario lunch box. 

Doesn't he look so big here? Sniff!

And we all know little Miss wasn't going to be left out. These days she is really into getting socks out of her drawer and putting them on her hands?? She loves wearing them this way and frequently wears them out of the house like this! :-)

She's got the posing down! Sweet girl!

Oh sweet Luke. He got everything organized in the car. Put everything in just the right spot, even taped the sign to the seat. He was so proud and so excited!

Finding his name for where to put his backpack.

Answering the question of the day.

First activity of the day- coloring Bob the Builder.

My sweet boy! Here's to a great Pre-K4 year!

 Luke started Soccer Tots last week as well. He had such a great time. He loved every minute of it.  The class is small so the coach let Sarah and another two year old sibling on the field to participate for the first class. So nice that he did that. And let me just say, Sarah LOVED it! She followed Luke and did everything he did. She waited her turn and she was quite the cheering section for Luke when he had his turn. She would clap her hands and say, "Yea uke, yea uke" (as she calls him- she can't quite get the "L" out). And of course he was grinning ear to ear. Now, the only thing I'm worried about is going back this week when she isn't allowed back on the field. She is NOT going to understand that. You better believe my diaper bag will be turning into a bag-of-tricks to keep her busy. Could turn into the longest.hour.ever! (sorry for the poor quality pics- Iphone of course).


I think Luke is worn out from all this fun! :-)

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  1. Aww, little Luke is off to a great start to all his fall activities! I'm so glad he was excited to start back to school - he does look so big, especially with his new little hair cut!

    Sarah is so cute in her little sock gloves. You should get here some dress gloves - maybe she is trying to pull an Audrey Heburn look. :)