Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A teacher's note

Dear Jacob,
I wanted to share a little something with you. On your third day of 1st grade, your teacher, Ms. Lewis sent me an email with the following words:

"I don’t think I have ever met a sweeter young man than Jacob. He has such a helper’s heart and can be counted on to get his work done. I love it when he smiles and is excited about learning. You should have seen him today when I taught them how to pick books…he was sooooo excited to get to choose them and not be told what he had to read. I am looking forward to our year together!
Have a great evening!"
Ms. Lewis J

Daddy and I are SO proud of you. It makes my heart so happy and full to hear such amazing, wonderful things said about you. I am truly blessed that God chose ME to be your mom!
I love you my sweet boy!


  1. Oh precious little guy - he just warms my heart!! He is such a great student and I'm so proud of him! It's so amazing how quickly he can make such a great impression on someone new!

  2. Oh, that sweet Jacob! I can't say I'm surprised that he received such a sweet note from his teacher, but it's so affirming to hear such wonderful words about his behavior while he's away from home. Way to go Jacob, and way to go Mom and Dad for raising such a special young man!

  3. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. I know you and Jim are so proud!! xoxo ~ tanna

  4. Sounds like his year is off to a great start. I'm so glad he got a great teacher and he is already doing so well. Here's to a great first grade year!!