Monday, August 20, 2012

The Tall Gene

It appears two out of our three children have inherited Jim's tall gene. I always knew the genetic potential of having tall kids was a possibility with Jim's 6'4 stature. Based on the unscientific method  of doubling a child's height at age two to determine how tall they will grow to be proves we will have two tall kiddos. Here are the kids stats at age 2:

28 lbs
Estimated height- 5'10

27 lbs
Estimated height- 5'6

27 lbs 4 oz
36.5"- yes you read that right- taller than both boys at this point
Estimated height- 6'1- holy cow!!

Now, I know this is a rough estimate but WOW! That's tall for a girl! And the fact that she might be taller than both of her brothers, really? I just can't comprehend having our baby girl towering over me and her brothers one day. And almost looking eye-to-eye with Jim. And sweet little Luke, he will be just a few inches taller than me. At least I'll have one on my level!


  1. I think it's only fitting that Sarah will tower over her brothers considering that her personality is as "big" as her height, haha!! Of course, even if she ended up shorter than them, it probably wouldn't stop her from telling them what to do! (Assuming she's like Kaitlynn and always bossing her brothers around, ha!)

    Our pediatrician did a similar height calculation for Connor and Kaitlynn. Connor is supposed to be exactly 6' and Kaitlynn's estimated height is the same as mine at 5'7". It's crazy to imagine our kids that tall though!!

    Sometimes I look at Connor and think of him like a puppy with huge paws. His head and feet seem so big and out of proportion that I assume he'll grow into them eventually. I think I'd be surprised if he's only 6'. He already wears a size 2 shoe and a regular adult baseball cap, ha!

  2. Ok, so I just found Jackson's stuff. At 2 he was 26.2 lbs and 35 inches. Ryan is 30 lbs, 15 oz and 35.5 inches tall. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out!

    It's fun to see how your kiddos all compare. I know it's hard to imagine Sarah being so tall. It's a good thing you know now so you can start preparing. At least she won't be swiping all of your clothes!